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28 Nov

I’ve been trying to figure out how to blog about this for a few hours. I decided rather than to try adopt some kind of methodology, or find as many random scriptures as I can to justify writing a blog about this in the first place…I was just gonna go for it. So consider this more of a vent.

WHY AM I STILL SINGLE? Continue reading


Drama School Diaries Part Six

22 Nov

So I just don’t get how you manage to be blind to your habit…
You like them broken and unsure…and that’s kinda pathetic,
You like them unstable and simmering, that’s kinda pitiful

Faltering; it goes nicely with ur lack of faith
and oh my days, that damage reeeeally suits your insecurity

You have sowed so freely, and reaped in turn 100 fold full of broken hearts; Continue reading

Drama School Diaries Part Five

22 Nov

Evening Guys,

Sooo..this week was actually great…not just because i wasn’t an abliterating human tear duct in school (i’m not sure what abliterating means) but because I just generally enjoyed it! I think I’m finally finding my feet…I feel like I don’t know how to act…but I know how to be me…and that’s what I’m bringing to the ring…me in a different circumstance…that’s acting for me.

It’s been a lovely week in terms of Drama School…the social side of life (outside of school) is a lil dreary and complicated…but that’s another story :p Christophe my artwork designer and kinda big brother has gone away to Trinidad for half a year and I reallly miss him, and generally feel kinda on my lonesome, but you got that from Pt.4 so I won’t get the violin back out. Continue reading

Drama School Diaries Part Four

6 Nov

it’s better to pretend everything’s okay.
That’s why I like facebook…because I can sit here bawlin’ my eyes out and at the same time make jokes on someone’s wall


it’s better to refuse the help… because i have to go this moment alone.

it’s better not to tell the ones you love that they’ve forgotten you, because it sounds all egotistical and vain and it’s hard to find the line between that and mistreating yourself. Continue reading

Drama School Diaries Part Three

6 Nov

Hey Hey…Sunday…easy like the morning homie…

How are you? Nice week? Smile for me…it’s nice when you do that. Okay…so week 7 just ended, and this place is ridiculously hard. But not just hard- it’s weird, like I feel like I don’t know how to act LOL. We’ve been doing this thing for the last 7 weeks which we call gobbledeegook- we never ‘act’ in English, we just make weird noises; so I’ve never recited a monologue/speech or anything like that. But this week we had to say a speech!!

I became so anxious… Continue reading

Drama School Diaries Part Two

6 Nov

Hey Guys!

So…we have to do this dream thing in class…like you recreate an almagamation of 3 of you and your classmates dreams…so they are kinda merged into one and really abstract. And I am enjoying it…but yesterday I got one negative comment from a teacher…
…when i tell you it hurt…

…the tears were welling up in my eyes and I was literally telling myself ‘DON’T YOU DARE CRY MICHAELA, SUCK IT UP YOU EMBARASSING TWAT’ Continue reading

Drama School Diaries Part One

6 Nov

Hey People!

So I’ll cut straight to it, ‘coz I’m literally falling asleep (at 9pm…I know, what has happened to me?!!) It’s coming to the end of my 5th week of Guildhall School Of Music & Drama and I must say…this place is amazing. It’s pretty strict: not allowed to act, perform, do sports, dance, jog, excersise outside school at all and the discipline is…well…a BIG adjustment.

Sometimes class is like THE ARMY or some kind of HITLER FAT CAMP…other times it’s like the AA or The Priory…we come together for a few hours and share our scars… some people have big scars… Continue reading

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