Drama School Diaries Part Three

6 Nov

Hey Hey…Sunday…easy like the morning homie…

How are you? Nice week? Smile for me…it’s nice when you do that. Okay…so week 7 just ended, and this place is ridiculously hard. But not just hard- it’s weird, like I feel like I don’t know how to act LOL. We’ve been doing this thing for the last 7 weeks which we call gobbledeegook- we never ‘act’ in English, we just make weird noises; so I’ve never recited a monologue/speech or anything like that. But this week we had to say a speech!!

I became so anxious… and I didn’t know how to ‘ACT’ the speech, the words were just falling out of my mouth.
But my mate Zannah felt like that aswell…apparently that’s a good thing; so all the habits and thrills and trills like fake crying fake anger fake humour that I dress up speeches with to get where I need to be as soon as possible they will tear away from us. It’s a weird feeling…now I feel like 3 years is not enough time!!

I’ve damaged my back…apparently I try to hard in movement according too my teacher, and that’s why my body is suffering. So I gotta stop hyping LOL.

And about that crying stuff…yeah I kinda burst into tears the next day…how EMBARRASING…prat prat prat, NO I’M NOT A PRAT…i dunno..well I know Im not a prat, but I just don’t think it’s necessary or professional to start crying when a teacher says a negative comment. So I’m gonna carry on giving that to God. Awkward Times.

We have this thing tomorrow, where everyone goes into the circle and tells their story…I guess the story of their lives and what makes them who they are. I’m pretty nervous about that…firstly because whenever I talk about stuff like that I digress massively and then forget what I was ever on about. Secondly because there’s 25 of us and I have a fear I’m going to fall asleep because 25 people sharing their lives sounds like a long ol’ time to me…not that it’s boring…I just find it hard to concentrate.

Outside of school I really miss poetry and cannot wait to start gigging in the holidays…I’m not in touch with you guys/my mates like I should be, and when I am, I sometimes seem a little distant…but i’m hoping I’ll be able to manage my time and emotions more.

OMG on Tuesday we went to The Globe (a famous outdoor theatre in London) and we got to stand on the stage and speak some lines from a Shakespeare text, and Guildhall is the ONLY SCHOOL that gets to do that!! ‘Coz Guildhall Rocks man!!!!
Found out this week my school is was the hardest to get into Statistically in the WORLD…pretty deep

Love you…keep me in your thoughts, prayers, and general boxes of happiness and success.

I’ll see you soon…got some great gigs coming up!

Download my album at www.gkidmusic.com!!!!



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