Drama School Diaries Part Two

6 Nov

Hey Guys!

So…we have to do this dream thing in class…like you recreate an almagamation of 3 of you and your classmates dreams…so they are kinda merged into one and really abstract. And I am enjoying it…but yesterday I got one negative comment from a teacher…
…when i tell you it hurt…

…the tears were welling up in my eyes and I was literally telling myself ‘DON’T YOU DARE CRY MICHAELA, SUCK IT UP YOU EMBARASSING TWAT’

And I just about styled it out.

And I thought ‘what the heck is wrong with me?’ Why do I cry soooo easliy (I do…honestly..its so embarrasing)
And when I got home instead of praying about my emotions I googled ‘how to stop yourself from crying’..well…what a great deal that did. Had to take it to God…have been for 4 years and will continue to!

I mean seriously…who googles ‘how to stop yourself from crying’? Whatta muggins.

But it’s been alright…the week has passed really quickly, and I realised recently that I’m not actually gonna drop out…how weird is that…Michaela ISN’T going to drop out of school…cool feeling!

I really miss ‘reality’ (meaning YOU, my friends, my family, waking up at 5pm, being able to wee and poo when I wanna, thinking time) and I’m so used to staying in and going bed at nine, whenever I’m up past that (i.e. on the phone to a friend or out) I get REALLY CRANKY.

Like 2 days ago I went Tinsel Town with Isaac (thats Guvna B) and ended up divaring myself into oblivion there…I just got into a really funny mood and went all sensitive and over-observant…

Who knows where the wind blows but God eh?

Love us loads.


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