Drama School Diaries Part One

6 Nov

Hey People!

So I’ll cut straight to it, ‘coz I’m literally falling asleep (at 9pm…I know, what has happened to me?!!) It’s coming to the end of my 5th week of Guildhall School Of Music & Drama and I must say…this place is amazing. It’s pretty strict: not allowed to act, perform, do sports, dance, jog, excersise outside school at all and the discipline is…well…a BIG adjustment.

Sometimes class is like THE ARMY or some kind of HITLER FAT CAMP…other times it’s like the AA or The Priory…we come together for a few hours and share our scars… some people have big scars… some people have small ones, some people have deep scars, others just have bruises. Seeing someone elses wounds make you realise how much yours hurt sometimes…Drama School is a great experience.

Half the stuff is going WAY UP HIGH INTO THE SKY AND OVER MY HEAD….or I’m just falling asleep in class AGAIN…not a good look, but I’m working on it.

I am the only black girl in the villiage (not just my year…the whole of the acting school) but…
The people are LOVELY…everyone…and for all different reasons, I LOVE THEM! And I feel real comfortable with them.

Anyhu…now that we’ve had a catch up, I feel that u feel that we feel better.

Keep 9th January free…FIXING BARBIE CONCERT (u know I mean it right?)

Love you like the kinda sugar that uproots from the ground with peppermint tea and ginger biscuits.

Michaela The Poet
Big Chubby Love…with Handles



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