Drama School Diaries Part Five

22 Nov

Evening Guys,

Sooo..this week was actually great…not just because i wasn’t an abliterating human tear duct in school (i’m not sure what abliterating means) but because I just generally enjoyed it! I think I’m finally finding my feet…I feel like I don’t know how to act…but I know how to be me…and that’s what I’m bringing to the ring…me in a different circumstance…that’s acting for me.

It’s been a lovely week in terms of Drama School…the social side of life (outside of school) is a lil dreary and complicated…but that’s another story :p Christophe my artwork designer and kinda big brother has gone away to Trinidad for half a year and I reallly miss him, and generally feel kinda on my lonesome, but you got that from Pt.4 so I won’t get the violin back out.

This week I also met the POET LAUREATE of SOUTH AFRICA…which was..oh my gosh…amazing…and he described me as ‘DYNAMITE’ ‘DESTRUCTIVE’ and ‘DANGEROUS’!! In a good way! Which was great and humbling to hear…. YES…I’LL BE TOURING SOUTH AFRICA in Summer 2010 (as a poet), which is exciting!!!!! (Download the album at http://www.gkidmusic.com lol)

But back to Drama School…I’m getting it, I feel a bit more settled; just a tad :-D, Oh- this week I had to tell the class about myself in 15 minutes…it was really hard, started crying 5 minutes into it, but got myself together quickly!

I think I came across a lil too harsh…like I said a lot of stuff that didn’t make sense like..

1. I’m Christian that’s why I don’t drink.. Erm…all my Christian friends drink…it’s not because I’m Christian, it’s because I used to drink like Gary Glitter and I hate the taste of it…all it does it get me drunk and push away all my issues for a few hours

2. I didn’t tell everyone how great my church is, and the hostel work we do on Sunday mornings, and how Epainos (my church) is just like…amazing.

3. That I’ve never been in a play (minus drama work shops before I was 13) and that’s why I may sometimes seem a lil uncomfortable

4. Forget to tell ’em that I meaninglessly and stupidly lost my virginity when I was 18 to a guy (looking back) I hardly knew, and that I’ve kept myself celibate since, and how thankful I am that I’ve managed to do that.

5. That I went to Identity Drama School; a school that primarily caters to black actors- which perhaps you may not understand..but I am very proud of Identity, and it is doing amazingly well.

6. That I was head of the African Caribbean Society in uni until I dropped out.

So yeah…coulda been formed a whole lot better…but I did my best. Spoke about Primary and Seconday School, the Childhood Photographs of my past present and future. I told them loads and loads…and I was happy to.

(Make sure u come to FIXING BARBIE Live, 9th JAN 2010)

OH P.S Vote for me- http://www.gospelmusicawardsuk.org…apparently I’m up for BEST FEMALE!

Big BIG BIG Morbidly Sized Love,



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