Drama School Diaries Part Seven

3 Dec

Morning All!

I bet you’re wondering (ur probably not wondering) why I’m even in my house at this time. I usually start school at 9 or 8.30 sometimes, and I usually blog on Sunday nights…

I dropped out.

Only jokin! I’m on holidays!!!! Haahahhhaaa…Don’t worry! I’m being good!

We broke up on Friday and now have 6 weeks off to rest our bodies. But this is not true. They all say ‘make sure you rest’; yet they’ve given us sheets with sessions that we have to do everyday!!

I’ve now become so accustomed to the schedule that I don’t know what to do with the majority of my day other than jam with God and watch TV…i’m even going into school today just to feel like I “do things” with my life.

So how can I recap the past 12/13 weeks? I have no idea…it’s been great…I don’t really know what I’m going to do with my life…I don’t know if I’m going to be an actress, a writer, a poet…I have a feeling I’ll just do something new whilst blending everything together, but I don’t mind. I’m just soaking up the now rather than worrying about the future. On the last day of term we did ‘Animals’; they turn three of the rooms into zoos and the first years are the animals. Sounds crazy, but we’ve been working on it since the beginning of term. We had to go to the zoo every saturday to observe our chosen animal (I say we had to go…that doesn’t mean I actually went). There was a lot of technique, hard work, and mind over matter labour that went into it. We were not allowed ANY makeup, nail polish, funky costumes; it was all about technique and almost the science of an animal. But I was really happy with my Asian Lioness…I like to think we all did really well!

One thing I’ve seen that I must never do, is get caught up in the little things that can occur whilst working with a small group of people in a new environment. Sometimes we are constantly nervous, sometimes we are so worried we won’t make friends or be popular we turn into people pleasers, every now and again we may find ourselves trying to immerse into this pool of ‘university experience’ that we think is a norm, sometimes we run away from real friendships in order to immerse ourselves in that shallow…

but what happens when you dive into a shallow pool? You hit your head my friend. And either that’s a reality check, or you get concussed and loose your senses completely. I love the fact that if ‘ohhh i’m not popular’ or ‘ohhh I don’t have enough friends’ or ‘ohhhh people don’t invite me anywhere’.

I love the fact that like seriously…I don’t have the energy to care. Because in the grand scheme of things…this is a very small splash in the massive pool of my life. If you haven’t heard, I’m pacing towards a very successful and achieving future, which makes any lack of love, welcoming, inclusion or acceptance literally laughable. Guidlhall is a great place; but it is a stepping stone…you can’t get caught up in your stepping stones…read that again and apply it to yourself!

So here’s the holidays…here’s the part where it’s suddenly hits me that I CARE that my body has grown about an inch in width, and I really wanna do something about it, but also wanna let my body take its own course-but don’t wanna become an elephant against my will- but really can’t be bothered to monitor my weight- but really don’t wanna get to the point where I can’t fit into my clothes because it’s expensive to buy a new wardrobe- but really don’t/>>>I could go on forever with that

Here’s the part where I realise that eating chocolate muffins, pastries, and heavily buttered toast as snacks around your breakfast lunch and dinner just…might…not…be good for me LOL…in the bubble of drama school it all seems okay, but now that I have a few moments to myself I realise how greedy I’m being LOL…time to eat with wisdom.

But there’s such a thin line between trying to eat properly and working yourself up into a ‘not too harmful’ eating disorder that you’re not even concious of. And I really DON’T want that to happen, I’ve been there before; so I pray that doesn’t happen.

I’ve decided to spend as much time as I can this holidays writing scripts and poems and rehearsing for Fixing Barbie Live, the Team and I had a random go at Wade In The Water at Revelation TV on monday, and it sounded siiiick!!! So excited!

Bye for now! I’m trying to decide whether I should blog Half Term Diaries…or just come back with Drama School Diaries…so if I see you next week, I’ll see you…and if I see you next year, I’ll see you!!

Love you sooo much, like seriously. Writing to you has been a great comfort during this first time, and I think it will be a great comfort until I finish. Especially those of you who comment and send me emails in response to these. You’re really upholding me, please continue 🙂

Eye spy with my little eye, something beginning with P…
Pearls, Pheobe, Phone, Peas, Pencil…



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