Drama School Diaries Part 8

19 Jan

Hello Reader

First I wanna say thank you for reading these random notes I write. I got a couple things on my mind, but lets go from the top

So just this friday gone I finished my first week of my second term of drama school…it’s going well…I dunno I’m feeling all Porverbial today, let me get the following stuff off my chest or I ain’t gonna write properly LOL.

See every moment in your life as a bus stop. The reason why you may still be at the same place is NOT because you’re not going anywhere (‘coz you wouldn’t be at a bus stop if you weren’t would you?!). It is because the bus has just not come yet…some moments pass quickly…and for some of us unfortunately those have usually been the good times. Other moments seem like forever…which for others is sometimes the saddening times.

But hang on to the fact that whatever you’re going through, there is ALWAYS someone in a worser situation then you….I KNOW THIS FOR A FACT because you have Facebook…if you have Facebook you have internet, so I’m talking to the Western World! We really have to get ourselves out of this ‘the world revolves around us’ thing. When we get depressed and EMOTIONALLY suicidal over (what in the grand scheme of things is rather trivial) situations we really need to stop being so self-indulgent, WOMAN/MAN up, and get over it.

Woe is meeee
Woe is meee
My pillow is my only friend,
My bed sheets my only solace
Woooe is meeee
Woooooe is

Another thing that crossed my mind was this: You know DEEP DOWN who is going to stick by you as a genuine friend in the long run

The ‘iHEART Hype Friend’ This luvely buddy makes sure they call you and/or pray WITH you (with rather than for you; the whole point is that YOU MUST KNOW they are praying for you, forget the actual prayer) once a week, because they wholeheartedly believe you will be a financial/social asset to them in years to come. They only show you genuine love when you are ‘succeeding’ and they wanna keep their balance in excitement on the band wagon. This person also comes in the form of a romantic relationship; some look for ;financially’ successful partners to compensate for their short-comings and make themselves look good. They are thinking smart you see; ‘if I get with this person…I probably won’t have to get a decent job; i’ll rely on their income

And this rare type; The Comparative ‘Friend’ The type who only shows you genuine love when you’re NOT doing particularly well simply because it makes them feel good. But when you start to do well they back off because when they think of you all they can see is how comparitvely unsuccessful their life seems against yours.

I like the genuine friends; the type to take you for a walk in the snow, far far away from the noise and fast pace to make sure you don’t loose your mind. They hold you so you don’t slip in the ice, and when you do, they laugh with you instead of letting go. The kind who offer you peace and tranquility instead of a chance to gossip and complain about their lives. They don’t contact you to make themselves feel better because they ‘haven’t spoken to you in ages!’ but they call you once in a blue moon and it’s like there was no absence.

Anyhu, I’m back

Drama School is going well. It’s a bus stop, and as long as I keep focused and remember that it’s just a stop to get to another destination I will drive through it. 3 years is a long time, and I’m really feeling how it interrupts with other things I want to do in life. Doing my Fixing Barbie 99p Show during Christmas break was a serious challenge. I turned up to my first day in school drained, battered, and clueless as to what the words ‘Homework’ and ‘LIBRARY’ actually meant.
During the holidays I was asked, through the Arts Council, who were asked directly from the Poet Laureate of S.A to come out in March and tour South Africa for 9 days (as well as in July which you already know about from previous DSD)…March…that’s during school term…
REEEEEEALLY wanted to go (obviously)…spoke to a couple people;

‘PRAY MCKEY…when God opens a door no man can close it!’
‘PRAY MUCKS…nothing is impossible!!’
‘PRAY KAYLA…in faith you will receive!!’

So i prayed…i mean not big time, but medium time LOL (if ur like me; u’ll get that). And prayed as I slinked through the long and skinny corridor…up towards my teacher…and told him, and he said

‘I know…so-
‘erm, no because I-
‘ So would I be alowed to go?!’

Tears literally rolled down my cheeks in front of him…you know the type that make your lip quiver, and my lips are big so you can imagine how OBVIOUS that is. How embarrassing. Couldn’t help it (refer to previous blog about the subject of crying). So yeah…I was pretty gutted. But I had to get over it. God told me I’d get into Drama School, and told me to audition. So I have to man up and get over it! Gotta discipline myself to focus at the task at hand…until Easter of course and then comes Fixing Barbie Concert again!

To be honest I definitely KNOW i want to go to drama school…but I’m not really doing it because I want to be an ‘Actor’…i know…weird? Maybe not weird? I dunno…but I try and see myself doing films and stuff and I just CAN’T; maybe that’s because I subconciously don’t think I’m good enough. Who knows?
Had a tutorial with my teacher Wendy…she’s pretty great…except she really believes I can sort out my bow legs and ocassional knocking knees if I try hard enough…let’s up she’s right!

Michaela The Poet
Follow me on TWITTER, because hardly anyone is, and it’s beginning to hurt my pride. I was gonna say ‘you know what, stuff twitter, with you cliques and famous people beggage’. Then I changed my mind, unfollowed all the famous people I was following and decided to dedicate my tweeting to YOU guys…because my care is mutual right?

Love you,

Once again, Michaela (buy my album from http://www.ukgshop.com or http://www.gkidmusic.com, before I make a new one)


One Response to “Drama School Diaries Part 8”

  1. Spirit (yall already know) January 22, 2010 at 8:59 pm #

    MICHAELA!!! I LOVE reading your stuff. I can’t take you or a walk in the snow because I am in TRINIDAD!!! But anyway I hope I have proven that I fall into the ‘genuine friends’ category.

    Anyway just stopping by to say ‘YOU SHOULD WRITE A BOOK!’ and ‘The lips comment made me LOL so Shaz had to ask what I was laughing at.

    Obese artery clogging love sis.


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