Drama School Diaries Part 9

1 Feb

Hey People!!!

I’ve missed you guys…I’m thinking I may have fallen a week behind on this but I’m genuinely not sure :-S

On Thursday I opened up for the comedians at Kevin J’s ‘I ❤ Comedy’ Night, was pretty good, Will-E-Robo was there…he’s one of P Diddy’s Bad Boy Comedians, was very funny, but just nuff grimey with his subjects (yes, he is on my Facebook, and it’s not like he thinks he’s talking about birds and bees so I’m sure he’s not surprised one person in the world thinks his some of his topics are a little cringe-inciting.)

I did two poems ‘Shoe Queen’ and ‘Next!’, it’s been a while since I did something mainstream to a crowd that had no idea who I was, but it went down a storm. Haven’t done acapella’s in a while and it was nice to be on stage by myself again (I’m usually with my beautiful Barbie family these days). My cousin Guvna B was there, which was great, we stayed together the whole night, and I made sure I was constantly holding some part of his arm or leg because I knew it would be a while since I’d see him again. We then went to Tinsel Town had some bonding time on the drive there.
Family is interesting…like, sometimes I get annoyed with my cousin because he doesn’t pay me enough genuine attention these days, but for some annoying reason I can’t help but love him to bits. He’s my best mate.

Anywho. Drama School Diaries this week is a lil CONTROVERSIAL. But I’m telling you THIS; if you feel offense, it’s only because of your own insecurities and lack of experience with the wider world

As you dedicated readers will probably already know; I am the only black girl in my Drama School. Now…this week and last week I felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb.
And this is the thing…how can I put this without sounding racist or rude? LOL seriously bare with me!!!

I roamed around my school last week with this question on loop shuffle and repeat in my mind; ‘is there a difference between black and white people?’ Because I sometimes I think I genuinely have nothing in common with the majority of people there…like I don’t know how to make conversation with half of them at all. And that’s serious.

And I compared it to July-August when I joined Talawa Theatre (a black theatre company) and worked with a group of 12 ethnic minority actors everyday 9-5 for a month : The experience was completely different. The work was just as hard: but I was much more comfortable. There was no intentional decision to ‘fit in’; everyone just did – and if you didn’t, you still fitted in; ‘coz you NOT fitting in WAS fitting it..if ya get me…it was just a normal relaxed working environment, and friendships were formed easily and were not forced at all.

And then I thought of University Of Birmingham, there are how many students there? Tens of thousands, yet within 3 days all the 30-odd black people found each other like frigging magnets and…it’s just were we wanted to be…even if we didn’t want to, our hearts strings were just strumming for each other! WHAT IS THAT ABOUT?

So I think I’ve figured it out…it’s not so much COLOUR as it is CLASS. I born into a working class home, we were 2 families to a one bedroom flat and my parents were immigrants without papers; this is where I’ve come from, and it’s not like we are flagging the banner of wealth and new money now. My life experiences of being a working class child/teen has anchored my view of the world. And it’s a great view, I like it.

Now…the thing is, a lot of middle class people have been brought up around people like them; from boarding/public schools to residential areas to whatever-> and this could possibly stop some of them from formulating a rounded view of other groups in society (let’s say the black boy in the hoodie from Hackney who doesn’t seem to smile at them but holds eye contact very intensely, or the white ASBO kid from Bath who keeps swearing at herself).

But Working Class people…well they’ve had no choice but to grow up with people from different societal groups; our teachers are all middle class, they may watch things like This Morning, and Loose Women and Never Mind The Buzzcocks (the majority of British TV is influenced by middle class lifestyle, and written by middle-class writers meanwhile about about 7% of employees in the BBC are ethnic minorities- i think its fair to say on a general scale ethnic background and class sometimes float parallel to each other). Working Class people learn to understand that they are a minority and slowly get used to being just that; the minority.

Some middle-uppers are blind to the realities that working class people face; they don’t understand that the reason why working class people hardly apply for drama school is because they have been taught NOT to try ANYTHING because they WILL fail. They don’t understand that the reasons for me the being only one black girl in Guildhall stem from an ancient rooted form of gender discrimination (not on the part of my school; it’s not their fault)- and its causes and effects have stopped black women from even gently tapping the glass ceiling way above their heads.

By the way, I do totally get the some working class people are ignorant to…but this is MY diary!

Occasionally it’s hard to converse with SOME middle-uppers because their definition of ‘Common/ General Knowledge’ is only common to them: they have been taught different things to working class people, and they’ve been taught in different ways, but their failing to realise this often breeds a form of ignorance that people like me can’t tolerate.

Now, Middle-Uppers out there: don’t get all upset and start having heart attacks LOL- You’re not all like that, and those who I’ve gotten to know REALLY well I’ve found to be amazing well-rounded people with broad life-experiences. But sometimes in school I just put my iPod on, and listen to anything black or poor to allow me to grip on to some sense of HOME because sometimes I just get tired of being around middle-uppers day in day out LOL- it’s true!

Oh- and I must say- It’s definitely added confusion being a Christian because you’ve got them people that think drinking themselves into a oblivion, snorting C4 Skins crack up their noses and raving is their one way of uniting with the masses. Oops…I’m definitely off that checklist. In terms of social groups…I don’t think there’s anything more confusing then a DARK SKINNED, BLACK, WORKING CLASS, CHRISTIAN who is, CONTENT and CONFIDENT beyond their circumstance. But it’s good confusing to great people like Che Walker :o)…I’m actually quite mighty you know ? lol

But don’t worry homies. Assuredly I say unto you I ain’t going nowhere. This is definitely an amazing experience and I ain’t cutting it short. I also encourage black girls who are into drama; go and get training and get a taste of the environment you will be working in for the rest of your life.

We’ve started working towards our first project. We are doing the Creation Story and Noah, to my surprise I have been cast as ‘EVE’. I can hardly speak the text (it’s in old English) and have no idea what I’m doing but God will tarry me through. LOL hilarious! Michaela plays EVE in a play LOL…jokes.

I’ll let you know how it goes! Love you like TREACLE PIE and CAVITIES :-D, FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER http://www.twitter.com/michaelath


ALLLLLLLL My Loving you know,


And a little message to the performance industry (including the gospel one); promoters, website runners, artists, churches; listen homies hehe: I’m going places…the difference is; I don’t care as much as you, I do this because I love it, and I will continue to speak the truth without watering it down, I do it because I like to encourage people and I seriously LOVE all the people that come to see me! I couldn’t give a toss about bluddy awards, or being the popular amongst the young black church; I’m a 22yr old single girl who is daring to open her mouth and shout out the crazy truth unprettied by gospel hoodeeha’s- I mean, it’s never gonna be popular is it? I’m also not going to start riding on the success of my male counterparts in order to try and justify or validate myself in your eyes. I couldn’t care less. I do what I do, and like IYDLIT says; if you don’t like it TOUGH. And to those who don’t support; if you look to the right of this screen, in the top corner there’s an ‘X’.

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2 Responses to “Drama School Diaries Part 9”

  1. Christophe June 1, 2010 at 7:01 pm #

    Testing 123

  2. Janine Lock March 7, 2010 at 9:53 pm #

    haha!!!! the disclaimer at the end is ALOT!! Luv ur honesty. bless ya x

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