Drama School Diaries (DSD) Part 10

16 Feb

Hey Guys,

(Date: 7 February 2010)

How your week been? Ay? Nice? Allow the snow innit? NOT THE ONE.
Mines been good…

I went to the Press Conference for an event I’ll be doing called Oraclez : I’ll be supporting Kiki Kierra Sheard (an IMMENSELY INSPIRING artist to me, especially when I first started writing). Canton Jones, Mary Mary, Kirk Franklin, and loads more at the Wembley Arena in May. Should be great, feels a little random as I’m very aware that I lack that ‘Gospel Industry Shine’ but you know what, I’ll just go in there and be me… I’m sure it’ll be great, and Kiki will be there (I ❤ her man)!! Please try and come!

A rough end to last week and it kinda leaked into this weekend but we keep pressing on in this life right?! Done with this subject for now but I have to give you this social revelation that I got.

At the end of last week, I realised something. Remember DSD 9? Colour Versus Class? Well my view has developed further. I’ve learned something about BLACK BRITISH PEOPLE.

I roamed around my school last week with this question on loop shuffle and repeat in my mind; ‘is there a difference between black and white people?’ Because I sometimes I think I genuinely have nothing in common with the majority of people there…like I don’t know how to make conversation with half of them at all. And that’s serious.DSD 9

Now , I’d love to hear from my Brummy friends in particular here; On the rare ocassion of a black british person expressing a negative attitude towards being the minority I find it interesting when someone says (and this person will always exist):

‘I’m from Norway, and I live away from home, but I don’t make a deal out of it’
‘Well I’m from Manchester, and I’m away from home, surrounded by Londoners, and I don’t make a deal out of it so why should you?

There is an unwanted squeeze; a defensive compression of all circumstances until in ones mind; they could almost be identical. However, I’d like to show you why the ‘Brown’ (perhaps the softer the colour the less it jabs in your mind) person is different from this.

Definition first. According to the Compact Oxford Dictionary “Home” is
1 the place where one lives. 2 an institution for people needing professional care. 3 a place where something flourishes or from which it originated. 4 the finishing point in a race. 5 (in games) the place where a player is free from attack

We all miss Home when away from Home, and the longer the experience, and the less time we have to actively contemplate on Home (due to busy schedules; adjusting to new environments), the more we crave it.
When a Mancunian, or Norwegian, (or whoever else is in a place like a drama school), is away from Home and craving Home- they can find home by going back there. Or by thinking of Home. So they live with the understanding that they are NOT home, that they HAVE a HOME, and that they MISS HOME.

But there is a problem when we apply this same relationship with Home to the Brown British. When they go to drama school (working class browns), they begin to crave home. But home is not a place persay because they haven’t changed location (hence ‘British’) So there is no where they can go to ‘Feel’ like they are ‘Home’, because technically, they already are. I hope you’re following this. So in search of ‘Home’ and in the subconscious revelation that they have no physical place to call ‘Home’ on earth; they find each other- because they may not know where home is, but they know that that other Brown with the British accent is from the same anonymous, intangible home as them- so like bird of a feather, they flock together:

“…yet within 3 days all the 30-odd black people found each other like frigging magnets and…it’s just were we wanted to be…even if we didn’t want to, our hearts strings were just strumming for each other!…”

This confusion about concepts of Home, I believe contribute to the underlying insecurity that some Brown working class people face when they become the minority in a group. Whether they are concious of this or not however, is another story entirely. I could be wrong…but that’s where I’ve gotten so far.

Life’s good! Been writing a lot, and working towards the next album!! My mum is really big on the roads- she just made me pay for her flight to Ghana. Hold tite you mum. Keep April 16th free!! I’m gonna be doing another event, but this one will be a little bit different!! You’ll loooovvve it!!!!

I’ve given up chocolate because…cough cough. Does anyone want a T-Shirt? I might start selling T-Shirts.

You are my plural ray of Sunshine. i LOVE YOU for your support. Oh my gosh almost forgot!
lol Read a review of my album last week (was an interesting review LOL) and was so humbled by the comments that followed I almost cried!

I’ve tried to attach it at the bottom of this, but Lord know if it worked; either way I was humbled by it, and in some sense it made me stronger!

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  1. Janine Lock March 7, 2010 at 9:55 pm #

    ur doing oraclez!!!!!! Will be there!!!!!

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