Drama School Diaries (DSD) Part 11

16 Feb

Hey Guys!!!

Hope you’re happy and smiling that beautiful smile that you smile; The same one that sends your grandfathers tears swimming upstream, it’s so gorgeous is that smile, and it makes you open. Stay that way.

So…yeah, I would start this diary saying ‘oh why is everyone so bothered about Valentine’s Day this is just another day God has made get over it’

But I can’t! LOL! I’d be a hypocrit! I’m really not feeling this weekend; everywhere I turn there is something lovey dovey going on and I’m being frustrated because I don’t even have a random guy that I’m talking to real late on the phone and flirting like a pathetic idiot with.
Now don’t get me wrong; I know that life is better that way! I’m fully aware of that…but sometimes you can’t help but get the Valentine’s Blues.

And if you have it; here are some tips (by saying ‘tips’, i’m not saying they make sense)

1. Keep it to your self

A) Please refrain from calling old friends, new friends, and enemies when there’s nothing left in the barrel. It only kills your dignity guys. Believe.
B) One habit I have picked up this year is calling my male friends (STRICTLY BROTHER-FRIENDS) just to chat: and it’s sooooo embarrasing when they can’t stay long because they are getting ready to take their girlfriends out. And it’s just like ‘oh…yeah, totally forgot you had a partner now’ EM-BAAA-RRRRASSSALOTOFTHINGS!

2. Enjoy going it alone

I’m not gonna find a replacement ‘Valentine’ and go out with my cousin/sister/bff because that would suggest you’re not happy about the fact that you’re not dating right now. Be happy you’re not dating right now. You have the pleasure of only being owned by God right now, you can find yourself at a pace you like, you can develop your skills without adapting around a human partner, you can spend all the time you want with your friends and not feel like you owe someone your company. It’s great (for now LOL)

3. Do your homework

This is for those in and out of school. You DUN KNOW you have something you’re supposed to do blad. Either it’s your homework, or that business plan that has been squashed under your backside for a year or so- get that up off the ground, focus man!

4. Meditate on He who made you

There’s nothing like it, a little bit of self-assessment; are you lining up in accordance? What you gotta work on to be a lil more like the example He continues to show in Himself!

5. However if you have a ‘Valentine’…

Ask yourself this; if he looked like Shane MacGowan or Jocelyn Wildenstein, or if he/she had a serious burn on their face/poor/shorter than you/not popular/whatever would you still be on it and wanna marry them? Think hard about it hard. Keep thinking. ‘Coz it’s all in vain and shallow if it ain’t a yes. And if it is a yes, have a lovely day!

This week has been a great week! On thursday I performed some Poetry at Oval House Theatre; my slot was inbetween ‘Little Baby Jesus’ (Arinze Kene) and ‘Love Song’ (Omar…yes THE Omar, and Che Walker). Was amazing, lovely crowd, and I met Golda Rosheuvel (she’s amazing actress with diamond souls in her eyes), was so embarrasing because her name went out of my head, and that is beginning to occure whenever I meet people I’ve seen in theatre/on tv. But she was great.

Acrobatics at school are going great :-S. I can do a headstand now! Go team!

We are still rehearsing for our Creation story in School (the one where they went and cast me as Eve), it’s reeeeally hard, and I wanna know what the director wants to badly, but you just gotta go with the flow ‘coz you can’t tell. Learning lines is harrrrd…especially when it’s middle english and you don’t understand half of it.

I miss my God-daughter loads, wondering when I’ll next be able to see her.

People can be so fickle. Some girls are just looking to be in a relationship (men too), and they will go to LENGTHS to show how much they love a person, pray with them, cook for them, do this and that for them, babysit their little brothers and cousins blah blah blah. But they find out the other person is not interested of she goes! 20% reslience, and then once they see it might be a challenge it takes them about a week to get distracted by another handsome oh so gorgeous intelligent man of God- SAME FOR MEN! It’s deep- keep your eyes open peeps!!

I’m off the Jazz Cafe now! Catch me there from 8.30pm tonight!!!

Love you, but not like I love bread and chocolate, because I’ve given them up, and I’ll never give up on you.



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