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Drama School Diaries (DSD) Part 13

7 Mar


I’ve done the play!

The whole week of it was extremely stressful, I was waking up at 2am every night, I hadn’t learnt all of my lines, but you know sometimes when you’re stressed and you have NO IDEA that you’re actually stressed until…..

The day before the event myself, and 4 others stay behind real late to rehearse together. We go through the play, and my line is coming up, I mean, we’ve done it like a hundred times so it’s no biggie. But what happens to Michaela? Continue reading


Drama School Diaries (DS) Part 12

7 Mar

Hello Lovelies…

I’m hoping this will be a short one, mainly because I’m so knackered I’m actually trying to sleep at the moment lol, but I can’t so i thought…Lemme catch up with you guys.

One thing I’m learning right now is that one of the first things you have to learn in order to be a good leader, is that there are people who are not leaders that could lead better than you. Continue reading


5 Mar


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