Drama School Diaries (DS) Part 12

7 Mar

Hello Lovelies…

I’m hoping this will be a short one, mainly because I’m so knackered I’m actually trying to sleep at the moment lol, but I can’t so i thought…Lemme catch up with you guys.

One thing I’m learning right now is that one of the first things you have to learn in order to be a good leader, is that there are people who are not leaders that could lead better than you.

I’m talking about Drama, but relating this to my whole life…as the faithful readers will already know, I’m playing ‘Eve‘ in the Creation Story at my school. When the director first cast me as that…my GENUINE instinct was to say back ‘Are you sure that’s the decision you want to make?’ but instead came out ‘Cool’ LOL.

And it’s been SOOOO HARD…but you know what helped? The advice from others. Other who probably could have played that part a lot better than me, but instead of being stupid, they helped me through my struggles, I let my gaurd down, and told them what I was finding hard, and they helped me through it. I’m so grateful (someting crazy happened after that but I’ll save it for part 13 lol)

And it’s so refreshing just to let go and not be afraid or anxious, I can’t describe how NERVE RACKING it is: Doing my first play, actually having a script that I have to LEARN, and doing it in front of my teachers! Trying to calm down my nerves a great deal. It will be fine.

It’s gonna be on Thursday, the day after it we have ‘NOTES’ which is a day jam packed with meeting teachers and being criticised (faithful readers; do you remember ‘PROP GATE’? If so…you’ll know why I’m pooing myself about that’.

About that leadership stuff; same with you walk as a Christian, to pastors, priests, artists, whatever. You’re a leader because the DIRECTOR (GOD) cast you as that…but that doesn’t mean you’re the best man for the job in terms of ACTING, it might mean you take direction well, it might mean you just try really hard, it might be that it’s the only way God can teach you a particular lesson, it might be that by putting someone as weak as you in a certain place that fellow weaklings realise


Oh my gosh speaking of toiletries. I farted in a poor girls face in class this week. HOW EMBARRASSING.


There’s a part of the play where I’m supposed to be sleeping. And it’s not enough to just close your eyes, that’s just stupid. So i got into sleeping mode…(Obviously i wasn’t sleeping) but I got so relaxed that I farted and the girl was right behind me. Did the whole class including the Director hear?

Of course.

Peace and Parsely.

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Love you much!

Michaela The Poet


2 Responses to “Drama School Diaries (DS) Part 12”

  1. Precious One April 22, 2010 at 8:53 am #

    Preach on sister!

  2. Precious One April 22, 2010 at 8:52 am #

    Preach on!

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