Drama School Diaries (DSD) Part 13

7 Mar


I’ve done the play!

The whole week of it was extremely stressful, I was waking up at 2am every night, I hadn’t learnt all of my lines, but you know sometimes when you’re stressed and you have NO IDEA that you’re actually stressed until…..

The day before the event myself, and 4 others stay behind real late to rehearse together. We go through the play, and my line is coming up, I mean, we’ve done it like a hundred times so it’s no biggie. But what happens to Michaela?

I open my mouth to say my line for the 100th time, and I just started laughing. And at first it seemed all rather innocent; but then I couldnt stop laughing, and then I couldnt breathe, and the oxygen stopped getting to my head, and then I went into hysteria and had a panic attack- literally laughing like a chimpanzee and crying the whole way though it. Was reasonably horrific, and it was loud…those in the room were kinda freaked out. And if I’m honest it really freaked me out too…I cried (no hysteria just little tears) like an hour later ‘coz I just realised how exhausted and stressed out I was. Horrible times.

So, how the heck did that happen? How do you avoid that happening? I’m hoping to figure that out over the course of the next 2 years! Got home around 9.30pm, and had another sleepless night. But it was cool because it was all be all over by the end of the day (how remarkably enthusiastic I am about my first play!)

The showing was fantastic, but a bit of an anti-climax, coz really and truly, it was just like another rehearsal but with a few strangers in the room.

The next day, it is protocal to cancel all lessons and have ‘NOTES’: You go to every teacher and they give you notes about how you did. If you’ve read my other 12 Entries, you’ll know I have a massive problem with criticism so this already made me nervous, but my mate Jethro, who’s in my year said something very pwoafand (profound), went along the lines of summink like this:

When it comes to criticism there is no difference between actors and plumbers: When a recently qualified plumber fixes a kitchen sink, and his boss double checks it, he may see a few flaws; he should have tightened the pipe more securely for example. The boss tells the new plumber; and the plumber tightens the pipe. The boss does not criticise the character of the plumber, he criticises his work

As actors it should be the same; there is a distinction between our WORK, and our SELVES! So if your teacher says ‘you need to do ‘X’, they are not saying ‘you need a new personality’, they are just saying you need to twist the pipe a little more securely. So instead of crying, getting vex, or feeling personally attacked; just go back to the sink and try to tighten the pipe.

We’ll be tightening pipes, rescrewing nails, for the next 2 years, for those who want to go into a career as an actor; for the rest of their lives…So we better get used to it. Notes are good!

And as usual…this relates to our lives in general…don’t get down when people try and help you by telling you to fix up on something…just tighten the pipe and move on. I can relate to this, especially in my life as a Christian, I sometimes get frustrated and start thinking ‘WHY ARE YOU ATTACKING ME’ (I’m just full of melodrama’ me), or I put up a defense mechanism and laugh it off, because of course, everyone in the world is pathetic apart from me. Sometimes we need to just take on board whatever is beneficial to us and move on!

Guys…I’m eating too much. I’m on like 4 Chocolate bars a day, donuts, all sorts. It’s pretty awful, and that’s NOT the one when you’re learning acrobatics and stage combat. Help me stick to my word. NO CHOCOLATE…. at least until the next diary!!!

Love you so much, especially YOU.


3 Responses to “Drama School Diaries (DSD) Part 13”

  1. Precious One April 22, 2010 at 8:51 am #

    really like the metaphor of the plummer

  2. :-) March 26, 2010 at 1:21 am #

    I really like the plumbing concept!!!
    hmmm… will see if it works out for me though

  3. Janine Lock March 7, 2010 at 9:52 pm #

    feeling the part about the plumbing! On point x

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