Drama School Diaries (DSD) Part 19

18 Apr

Hey Homies!

Parts 16, 17, and 18 HAVE BEEN LEFT PRIVATE INTENTIONALLY…don’t wanna cause controversy, and you guys know I have a tendency to do that without seeing it coming so here we go.

We’ve finished our second showing!!!! This was the ‘MODERN’ term; so our play was written in like 2005. The play was called ‘Breathing Corpses’ by Laura Wade (read it; it’s verrrry good writing) and the other group did a showing of Martin Crimps’ ‘The Country (fantaasssstic writing man!)
How thrilling!! I’m kinda glad it’s over. It was stressful…and I felt like it was a bit rushed; but I heard they do that on purpose.

The character I played was Kate. I hated her even more than I hate ‘hate’. All she did was swear, beat up the dog, then beat up her boyfriend and I had no connection with her whatsoever. I found it hard to play her because she is extremely different to the way I feel I am…but at the same time, she’s very similar.

Kate is a very fast moving person, she knows what she wants, she owns her own business, she’s beautiful (the above is me)
she goes out and is co-habitating with a younger sexy man, she’s extremely violent to animals and people, she drinks too much caffeine, and she has little empathy for anyone other than herself (all the things I’m not and don’t ever wanna be

I had so many issues with this character that when I got in the space and played her; all I played was the stuff I hated so I could disconnect myself from her as much as possible. I mean it wasn’t bad; I believe I did well; but you know your errors. My director said the same thing. He said I need to blend both hard and soft together as well as one at a time. So I’m gonna work on that for the next one (We are doing Chekhov next term..you heard of him? I hadn’t either, don’t worry- some Russian writer)

Doing the Modern Term also made me realise that there are certain things that I’m not prepared to do as an actor/person. And I’m gonna have to lay some ground rules down with my school as my time here progresses (i.e. things like simulating sex…it’s just not my portion guys), so be sure you’ll be hearing all about that. I remember working with Talawa Theatre in the Summer last year…our director Imani wasn’t the easiest people to get on with, and to be honest the only thing I took from him was this (paraphrased);

“…you have to hold onto your integrity and self-respect as an actor. There are certain things young directors with too much creativity in their balls and not enough in their brains will try and make you do- if you let go of your integrity you’ll find yourself getting pimped out by the film/theatre industry…”

pretty powerful statement…and I think there is a lil more than an iota of truth within it.

At the end of every term they mix up our groups so we are working with a new set of people in our year. The list went up today (last day of school) I’m really gonna miss working with some people in my group…I’ll miss Simon and Nick especially…I love them to bits…but I also know that the new term will be great and challenging! The new group looks cool!!!! I’m excited!!!

In May I’ll be doing poetry at this event called Oraclez, Faith Evans, Canton Jones, and Donnie McClurkin, will be coming from the US to sing, alongside, BeBe & CeCe Winans, Yolanda Adams, Rachel Kerr from Birmingham…the list goes on!

I beg you if you can afford it come support, ‘coz as you can tell by the line up; me and my lickle one two poems don’t exactly blend with the fold! LOL should be jokes! I better see you there!!!!

Bye shnuckums!!


2 Responses to “Drama School Diaries (DSD) Part 19”

  1. Bret Loweman April 22, 2010 at 8:47 am #

    Go you! I’ve heard about this Oraclez event, but I live way too far out to come (Michigan), hope to see you perform down here sometime!
    It’s good to be different


  2. :-) April 20, 2010 at 3:18 am #


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