Michaela The Poet Supports Ms Dynamite, Eska & Speech Debelle

29 May

Hey Guys,

First of all I want all your sympathy…I have MAN-FLU. It’s really bad…my voice is sore 😦 , it’s kinda like my vocals chords have turned around, covered themselves with a duvet, and gone to sleep. I sound like I’m literally 100% talking out of my nose. I call it MAN-FLU because I feel extremely sorry for myself and currently believe I am the only person in the world with a cold this bad (that’s all that distinct man flu from the common cold)Today I supported Ms Dynamite, Eska & Speech Debelle and I figured I’d blog it up and tell you a bit about it. It was in Birmingham, so me and my big sister drove up, nice journey, listened to a bit of Alicia Keys, Israel & New Breed, Michael Buble (probably spelled that wrong). Was a nice journey. I got to Birmingham and I’m thinking woah…I’ve actually never seen that many Black Brummies in one place at the same time…ever.
It was a really mixed event, but there were loads of people…and like 60% were black!
It’s not good or bad….I just found it hard to locate black people when I was studying in university up there so I was kinda stunned when they all came out to play lol.

It was a free event, in Hockley Circus, which is an outdoor place in Birmingham…you had about 300 people at the front really involved in whatever was going on on stage, and then you had the rest of the hundreds lining up to buy jerk chicken/patties, standing on the hills in groups chatting, others stood alone dancing in strange ways to music they appeared to have composed in their own minds…music that had no apparent rhythm. It was kinda like a mini Glastonbury. I was on at 6.20pm, and the show was actually starting on time.

The compare/host; Marvareen (may have spelled that wrong too) introduced me as a poet from London, instantly I saw the faces screw up and skepticism..she then told them that I had studied in Birmingham, gradually some faces eased up. I was like ‘woah…this is gonna be interesting’. So I step on stage and as I begin to speak, like half way through, people start to join the 300…the people on the hills come down and I was so taken aback!

SO TAKEN ABACK THAT I FORGOT MY DARN WORDS. What the heck?! Yep, so for like 5 seconds LITERALLY a string of incomprehensible words fell out of my mouth flat on their face on to the floor. I styled it out, but it was still just ridiculous.

Nonetheless, people loved it, I was doing NEXT! and The Shoe Queen. In Birmingham, people got it, they were so responsive!!! Considering how big the crowd was, and that it was outdoor I was amazed at how tuned in everyone was. It was beautiful. I forgot my words that one time, but I didn’t care, and I had way too much respect for the dope audience to say ‘oops sorry can i do that again’: they were incredible. It’s always strange to see people lift their hands at some parts, it reminds me of church lol…it’s nice.

I absolutely loved it, and met Soweto Kinch…he’s amazing and very lovely. Jonzi D was there! The legend, and one of the people platformed me on some of my biggest stages. Good guy.  Also saw Zena Edwards standing out in the crowd, she’s had her hair done, that chick looks fly, there’s something I really like about her.

Unfortunately I missed The headliners because I had to go home and rest. I can’t have my voice gone for Wembley Arena ‘coz that would be sad times man. lol

Gonna do another blog to do with Circles of Presence (Patsy Rodenburg) maybe tonight maybe tomorrow (probably tomorrow, I need to heal)

Night xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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2 Responses to “Michaela The Poet Supports Ms Dynamite, Eska & Speech Debelle”

  1. Rachel June 2, 2010 at 11:16 pm #

    sounds like it was a really good gig!

  2. Gary McSween May 30, 2010 at 2:37 pm #

    Yeah man Michaela you are is killer powerful….necessary for such a time as this. Be blessed and continue to do Gods work…..you must know my significant other Talitha Mohammad.

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