Drama School Diaries (DSD) Part 21

7 Jun

Right…So I realise I’ve been prancing around drama school, doing gigs
(Most recent; The Writer’s Lounge, The Flyover Show, even gave a speech at my cousin Guvna B’s birthday). I’ve been going to eat in my local restaurants, buying food from my local M&S/Tesco…seeing old friends, networking with familiar associates…but something’s been pressing upon my mind like a stay at home wife’s fingers on dough…something I haven’t quite explained but keep meaning to; but don’t, because technically I have no reason to justify myself to any of you; but want to because I’m worried about all the thoughts going through your head when you look at me; but haven’t, because I gotta move on and deal with it….

It’s erm…it’s my hair.

For all those who haven’t seen me…my afro appears to have DISAPPEARED…let me explain…I’m gonna tell you what happened from the beginning. Before I start, just take a look at the picture above so you can see what my hair USED to look like…

Done? Okay. I reconvene.

I’m in drama school, as I HOPE you know! We did a play back in April called ‘BREATHING CORPSES’; really good book by a fantastic female writer named ‘Laura Wade’. I played Kate (if you refer to older diaries, or just type ‘KATE’ in the search box you’ll find previous entries about my progression with that). Kate originally had to wear a basketball cap…and the basketball cap I was given, as expected; didn’t fit on this darn head of mine. And when I managed to squash it in, I ended up looking like a complete muppet rather than the sophisticated ‘own my own business’ sexy woman in her 30’s that I was supposed to be. So I told my director I could straighten my hair…He was down. So 4 days before the performance (not really a performance; more of a ‘showing’ of what we’ve done, nothing special; only teachers watch it and we are assessed on it) I straighten my hair at home with my sisters straighteners.

It was jokes…I had never actually BRUSHED/COMBED my hair before let alone straighten it so me and my sister Jasmine were excited to see how it would come out…Straightening my hair was also a little excuse to have a change for a couple days.

My afro is the result of just over 3 years of growth since I shaved it off to a level one in 2006, It was only expected that at some point I would get bored, and I guess I was just fortunate enough to have a reason to generate a temporary change.
We but a little bit of jojoba and olive oil in my hair and we began to straighten it…it took about an hour…


My hair was straight! It was odd….very thick black shafts of hair fell around my face; it’d been a while since I had to move hair away from my eyes so I could see! I wasn’t sure whether to tie it up…leave some out the front, let it all out…it made my face look weird…I realised I preferred my afro immediately, but I still had a play to do so I figured let’s just bang it out.

Day 2, it rains; but my hair didn’t react to the dirty British water as I thought it would, I re-straightened the front, and then carried on about my business

Day 3, I meet Christophe and Shaz at Black Grape, have some dinner, by now I’m kinda enjoying the hair, I feel a little bit more trendy…a little less like the kind of person whose hair people stop to stare at- i liked that a lot. I didn’t stand out…which sometimes is a great advantage.

Day 4; It’s the play!! We showed our work to the teachers; it went great…but NOW Time to wash my hair and get reunited with my afro! Exciting!!! I rushed home after school. Had a Team Barbie rehearsal in about 30 minutes which means 6 members of my music family in my yard…I better wash it now before they come.

I prance with glee into the bathroom, pick up the shower head with confidence and fling my head under its cloud…the rain begins to fall and my hair is wet, I shampoo it a tinchy bit and as I’m putting more water it I realise I can still see my hair and it’s still straight, but I knew it’s ‘coz it was wet. I stop the rain…look in the mirror and



My hair is still STRAIGHT!

My music family come round…they look at me in shock, I explain that I’ve washed it for the first time since I straightened it. Maryam says that’s weird, that from what she knows as soon as you wash straightened hair the afro comes back…deep down I know that, but instead I say ‘it’s actually different with everyone you know‘ just to preserve a level of control and denial.

It’s been more than 2 months…my afro didn’t come back guys :-(…I’ll attach some pics of my hair when my pride decreases; hopefully an hour or two.

We were doing a Meisner Technique excersise in school one day; you have to ask someone a personal question and see how they react when you say it…I sat opposite my rehearsal partner, my question was ‘Do you cook your own food?’ or summink

Theirs was ‘What happened to your afro?’…I could only laugh to keep the wails of despair tightly under a lid.

So yes; Michaela’s afro is gone…and it’s SOO ANNOYING!!! I went to M&S…i buy my food, the sales assistant says ‘WHY DID U PERM YOUR HAIR?’ i’m thinking ‘darn, gimme a break, I only came in for some apples’…but instead i say ‘i didn’t’ and after that it becomes SO difficult to explain.

It’s worse when it’s girls, ‘coz they give you this look that screams out “DING-DONG-ALARM BELLS-WHY-THE-HECK-ARE-YOU-LEAVING-THE-HOUSE-LIKE-THAT”. I feel like repeating to everyone I see ‘THIS IS NOT VOLUNTARY” ‘coz it looks like i CHOSE to have my hair like this. It’s even more dire with the ‘natural click’…I haven’t SOLD OUT…simply because I never actually BOUGHT that whole ‘yay we’re natural and we are the best’ thing anyway..It’s funny how I’m placed in a box because I wear the hair I was born with LOL….it’s hard times…I was so uncomfortable going out initially, but then I thought GAS THAT…this is me…this IS my natural hair right now and WE better deal with it! I’m beautiful, God told me so…I can rock anything…YEAH!

Lesson Learned; DON’T STRAIGHTEN YOUR HAIR FOR A PLAY; GET SOME WEAVE! ANYTHING…’coz this could end up being damage for LIFE.Lesson Learned; DON’T STRAIGHTEN YOUR HAIR FOR A PLAY; GET SOME WEAVE! ANYTHING…’coz this could end up being damage for LIFE.

The only hair expert that’s managed to give me some good advice was today was this (paraphrasing);

‘Well considering the fact that you grew your hair for over 3 years without brushing of combing it you have to understand that the hair you grew was not your ‘original, natural’ hair either; it was slightly dreaded together and therefore was quite a bit course. Then instead of just slowly combing it for a few months, you took the whole mile and straightened it…your hair is trying to find its intended state, if you look at your roots, you’ll see it’s growing differently to the way your hair was before this disaster’

I’ve already got 2 inches growth…gonna wait it out or randomly get some wacky hair cut. Until then. Oh- gotta tell you what happened to me on the street!



3 Responses to “Drama School Diaries (DSD) Part 21”

  1. Rachel Okay June 8, 2010 at 4:25 pm #


    who know it could be soo controversial… it’s dead yet kinda feeds on us like a parasite lol

    I don’t know whether u spoke to a hair dresser or an actual hair expert [i.e. a trichologist] unfortunately I learnt the HARD way there is a MAAAAAAAAAAAAAJOR difference…

    In my research I’ve found that what you put on ur hair [e.g we need heat protector serums] when straightening and what temperature you use make a huge difference… but I have not done any research on uncombed hair so maybe there is some truth to it :O)

    Maybe it’s just me but I actually like that you went for a change.. it reminded me of when I first met you lol and took me back to some old memories. I was just surprised when I thought you texturized it, bcoz I got the sense that you preferred ur afro.. you’ve made it clear that you do and that u didn’t texturize… u straightened it for a temporary change…

    I find hair interesting and I like it in all it’s different varieties… except weaves make me shudder I have psychological issues with them lol

    LOL after all that, like you said you did NOT have to explain yourself but since you did I thought I’d through in my 2pence +20pence [coz I’m generous like that ;o) ]

  2. August Jamess June 7, 2010 at 9:09 pm #

    Ohhhhh chica, I’m so sorry! Man why didnt you ASK somebody?!

    I’ve been there and learnt my lesson going to a hair shop for braids, they “lightly” blowdried my hair so they could make the Ghana braids, but it never quite went back to normal. After that – no heat on the hair! When the curious relaxed heads start begging me to straighten it so they can see how long it is, I tell them to sharrap………….

    I’m sorry to say love, if it’s been 2 months….I dont know, it’ll soon grow back……..multivits and fish

  3. Lanre June 7, 2010 at 8:54 pm #

    Wow! What the hair xpert said does make sense! But eh, enjoy the new look. Like India said ‘I am not my hair’ 😉

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