19 Jun

HEY Guys!

On a personal note…I now have a MacBook!! I’m very happy about this…literally screaming the computer shop down when they put it in my hand kinda happy…:-) So from now on, I’ll be twittering to you on a different laptop, now I can record videos and post them up here and all that.


Top of my head; Outspoken Dance at Sadler’s Wells on the 8th July; massive dance show with some poets in between; it’s its third or fourth year now. I have the honour of having done it every year :o)

20th July I’m doing a pre-recorded interview for Premier Radio

The Annual Lupus Charity Dance on the 14th August. This should be grand; I’ll be with my band!

KICC ‘Da X’ Youth Conference; I know a lot of lovely people that go here so I’m really looking forward to this. Dunno what they want me to do yet though. It’s between (or every day of) the 24th to 29th August

Can’t remember no more!

Look out for Monday mornings’ blogs!!

Michaela The Poet


One Response to “Updates!”

  1. Rachel June 19, 2010 at 11:38 pm #

    wooooo Outspoken Dance at Sadler’s Wells on the 8th July

    I think I have to be there!

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