Drama School Diaries (DSD) Part 24

21 Jun


Hope you’re well and dandy, I am now 4 weeks away from finishing my first year in Drama School!!!! I can’t believe, my friends and family can’t believe it! I finished a year! I never took a day off!! Is this really me? Yes it is. I now understand what it means to get an education. I hated University…it just didn’t work for me. Dropping out (twice) was the best thing I ever did. And for those who look down on us drop-outs they can throw pie in their face because everyone works differently! I didn’t realise education was something I could earnestly ADORE, something I couldn’t get enough of…something that was a good challenge!

Anywho…as I’ve mentioned in previous DSD’s, my group are working on a play called ‘The Sea-Gull’ by Chekhov. This weekend, our director, the fantastic Christian Burgess took us to…..


Now this was new for me because I’ve never had any reason to go to the country side, and the concept of all this ‘fresh air’, ‘big skies’, ‘peace’ and all the rest of it weren’t really concepts at all…they were just alien statements that confused me. As far as I was concerned the air in London, Aldgate was fresh enough, and there is only one sky; I don’t see how the size of it can vary from place to place. And as for peace; have you heard of an iPod???

It was only when I got there I realised what everyone had been enthusiastically banging on about. We arrived at a farm in Great Missenden…I was gob-smacked. There were horses…chickens…not behind glass screens and 50 ft away in a zoo, but right at my feet. I even plucked up the courage to stroke a horse!

Before the acting part began we went to a cafe to eat breakfast, I went outside, took everything it…felt really emotional and cried a little bit; good tears though…I felt like I had literally escaped from my whole life, and for a day; that genuinely was lovely. It’s not that my life is bad; my life is fantastic; it’s filled with wonderful people, a successful career, and loads of things to do. But it was nice to be alone, me and God…just for a few minutes before the work started.

We ran through some of the Acts in ‘The Sea-Gull’ and they really came alive. Having all that space allowed me to project my voice more confidently…I just discovered so much in terms of my intention as the two characters I play; oh, these characters are;

Masha; in her 20’s, in love with a guy who doesn’t even notice her, he’s too busy loving someone else. Unrequited love has induced depression in her; she drinks heavily, doesn’t keep herself well, and ends up marrying someone she doesn’t love just to get this other guy off her mind and heart.

Arkardina; in her 40’s but claims to be in her 20’s, successful actress, has a son who she has hardly paid any attention to (her son later commits suicide). Dating a famous russian writer who is younger than her. She’s very up her own bum and thinks she’s amazing but deep down she’s quite pitiful and will do anything to hold on to a man she knows has little real sexual and emotional interest in her.

As you can see they are very meaty characters and I can’t tell you how much I enjoy playing them! But as I was saying; being in that open space and going through the play just helped me connected on a level that soared above all earthly things. I enjoyed myself. For me; that was the performance…I don’t really care if I mess up on the actual day we do this, ‘coz I’ve experienced this weekend!

On the way back a few of us went into a forest just to explore and act like twats for a few minutes, then we drove home and it was all over; it’s been 2 days and I so miss being there that the smell of the grass, the lack of buildings, and the unashamed silence plagues my senses. I’m gonna go back to country side, my mate Jethro has a boat in Bath and said I can sleep in it! You never know…one day I might by a bit of land or summink; I can buy a metre for about a fiver right?


P.S.-  I highly recommend going to the country side, especially for us urban folk, it’s nice for a change. To have space to think about your life, the choices you’ve made or are about to make, the things you are frustrated with, it’s a good way to discover peace and listen out for a Word. Find a cheap hotel and stay there the night. Book now for August u can probably get a nice one for 30 bob.


One Response to “Drama School Diaries (DSD) Part 24”

  1. janay June 21, 2010 at 8:52 pm #

    The countryside is like therapy, you get to see Gods awesomeness and step out of your bubble which you have become so unaware of. At nightime its even better! The sky is pitch black and the stars seem so near. Its amaaaazing. I had the opp to spend a week in Wales this time last year… So refreshing!!! Stay blessed!

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