Michaela features @ RICH MIX Theatre for WALK DA WALK

28 Jul

Hey Guys,

Saturday just gone I had a gig, it was produced by a company called ‘RELEVANT GIRL’S’ and was called


The money went to ACLT so I guess it was a charity event

The artists where as follows (I’m gonna put their myspaces/websites below so you can follow them up if your curious)

The HOST was



..and me 😀 lol

The Fashion lines were…

♥ Carol Jean Couture

If I’ve left out any designers/artists charge it to my head and not my heart; it’s been a couple of weeks and I may have forgotten.

Now as opposing as my poetry may sound when juxtaposed with the concept of shows that mainly consist of women and men walking up and down a stage carrying the conclusions of hours of hair and make-up- I’m booked for fashion gigs quite a lot.

My mum is a seamstress herself, and I’ve always had a love and admiration for those who create with the cloth so I’m far from ‘anti-fashion’.

But…i do have a thing about being backstage at fashion shows lol (I’ve always got a ‘thing’ don’t I?). You know that atmosphere? That extreme hustle and bustle and total pre-occupation, and it can get manic- where people lose their heads shouting at everyone to find out WHERE THE BLUDDY NEEDLE AND THREAD WENT!! People don’t see you, they walk straight past you, partly because they r looking for the bra or lipstick they lost, but mainly because I’m insufficiently short and they can’t even see me lol.

This one wasn’t so much like that at all, in fact, I hardly saw any model or designer mania. Everyone seemed pretty chilled, so I walked around explored and did my thing. Caught up with Nu Soul; their album should be dropping which is VERY exciting, Maryam, and Christophe Pierre who surprised me by coming!! Had some nice prayer time on my onesomes as well which was lovely.

The night went as follows; Artists perform whilst designs walk the runway (there wasn’t a runway, but there usually isn’t at these sort of things so no one minded). Originally I was supposed to be with my whole Team (band and bv’s) but their technical equipment wasn’t enough so it ended up being just me.

I must say I’m really glad of that. There are some events where you can use a band and people will still take in everything you say, and there are some that make that impossible; this was one of them; to no criticism of the organisers; it’s just that when it comes to ‘entertainment’ human beings should not be expected to multi task. Either they watch the lines whilst hearing music or they ignore the line and LISTEN to the music, but what we CANNOT do is watch the detail of a beautiful dress whilst LISTENING to the words of a song/rap.

I ended up just doing two poems, it was requested that I did ‘NEXT!’ first, which to be honest I didn’t really want to do because I wanted to do new stuff, and perhaps less ‘funny’ stuff (even though I don’t seem capable of avoiding laughter) but I thought ‘don’t be a diva micky macks’ and I did it anyway.

I close to the crowd; it’s better because you can see who is trying to listen and who is talking to their buddies. This time there was some guy on my right talking to his bredrin so I started the poem his way and may have made the mistake of slightly intimidating him. Overall it went great! I censored some of the words i.e ‘chest’ instead of ‘breast’ and ‘make love’ instead of ‘bang’ because I know how some Christian events can be, it’s a little sad; we use that language all the time but to hear it on stage in some people’s minds is abominable so I figured I’d warm them up before my next one.

The show itself was good, the lighting wasn’t great so I could hardly see the designs which bothered me, but there was enough light to see the ones I loved; Deborah something (it could be Debbie Shasanya I’m not sure) but her designs were incredible. The strange thing was she was the only one who did it merely as a hobby. Even speaking to people after, everyone seemed blown away by her pieces particularly.

There was also african dance; this I found really interesting, I understand the point that it’s not really ‘african dance’ because if you put dancehall music on instead you wouldn’t know anything was up, but if they are calling themselves african dancers then let them! The 4 girls that did it move really well, and the track playing was one of my favourites ‘I Sing’ by Victizzle. When the track came on and the girls started dancing the crowd loved it and became really energetic! It was intriguing to watch a lot of the men though…their eyes became really glazed over and their eye-line lowered to their girls bottoms which was at first hilarious as my friends and I spotted as many men as we could possibly find who were day dreaming at the girls pumping their bodies with zeal and concentration, but after a while it became a little freaky and cringe, they might as well have been dribbling. I really enjoy dance, but to a song that is (I think) promoted as a ‘gospel/christian’ song, in an event marketed towards Christians, I wasn’t sure how much I could convince myself of it’s suitability, but they said it had ‘a twist!’ so maybe that was it! If it wasn’t for the sight of the men in the crowd I probably wouldn’t have noticed.

My last piece was called ‘Bosom of America’ I’m still working on this one and have been for a while, it went down well, I could tell the audience were really listening, like the first one; a few of my symbols and metaphors were taken from sexual imagery, but this time I left them uncensored and I was so glad I did, I only change things because I care what people think too much, but if I didn’t care about people’s thought process I wouldn’t be doing this in the first place; catch 22.

The artists were fantastic too, Guvna B as usual; he’s the most casual guy I’ve ever seen on stage, I admire the fact that he has no desire to please anyone, or to act like anyone else, or to shake the crowd up. He just does his thing and gets off; and that is always enough. I know he’s my cousin but that’s my genuine opinion!

Now for me..the highlight of the WHOLE EVENT WAS…..MARYAM SHOFOWORA…she held the whole show together. She was hilarious, she covered up the back stage glitches and handled when artists/designers came on late with grace and humour! I’ve never seen anyone improvise so well. She is part of my music family, and I know her as a singer; it’s so good to see one person with so many talents! She’s an actor also. Very talented, I’m really optimistic about her future.

It was nice to return home to find messages from a few audience members via Facebook here’s one on my fan page wall;

Hey Michaela! I saw You at walk da walk fashion show and was taken away by your work You stole the show! so well done and keep it up! I look forward to future gigs of yours..Keep us updated! x…MissMahlet Yared

Sometimes it’s good to not have a band/bv’s/track…I personally can get into the habit of hiding behind music..one should never feel that without a beat their words loose value. Or maybe that’s okay..my opinion might just be the very thing that makes me a Michaela The Poet


One Response to “Michaela features @ RICH MIX Theatre for WALK DA WALK”

  1. Rachel Okay July 30, 2010 at 9:49 am #

    “I censored some of the words i.e ‘chest’ instead of ‘breast’ and ‘make love’ instead of ‘bang’ because I know how some Christian events can be”
    – eventhough it’s sad you had to… may God bless you nonetheless for caring to do so…

    “but they said it had ‘a twist!’ so maybe that was it!”

    ‘Bosom of America’
    – was very thought provoking and interesting! Great stuff!

    “Now for me..the highlight of the WHOLE EVENT WAS…..MARYAM SHOFOWORA…she held the whole show together.”
    – LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! The way she made me laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaugh! *three thumbs up* she made it look effortless… from the start with that running joke of her and her Ex (the DJ) LOL! funny stuff

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