If you ever wondered why my album isn’t on iTunes…

3 Sep

Boys and girls you can call me the maid today, I’m Michaela the maid…I’d like to tell you a story. Sit tight, cross your legs and listen attentively. I’ve avoided writing this blog for 11 months, in fact, 11 months and 9 days.
Some of you reading this may know that in August 2009 I released an album called FIXING BARBIE, but what none of you will know (bar a few people who know my business ‘coz I tell them) is the aggro, stress, anxiety and upset the process has been after my launch. In December 2008 I worked with a producer, let’s call him D.M (those aren’t his initials, no). I remember first going to his studio with my cousin Guvna B, I remember thinking he was strange, Isaac said ‘nah, he’s just different’. And they seemed to get on, so I decided he was safe, and the music he let me listen to sounded like the kind of person I’d work with.

So we worked. I’d write poems, songs (the only difference with a song for me, is that the words come with melodies), sing them/ recite them to him, tell him the ideas I wanted (for example; the play ground xylophone-like instrument following the words, and the dramatic stabs to contrast it in Childhood Photographs) he’d listen and programme them in. One time he sent me one that he’d produced before without me; I wrote over it, then found out he’d already promised the track to another artist; he then took the beat away from this other artist and gave it to me, he said his decision was determined by strength of friendship.

This should have been my warning sign; but it didn’t register.

I did 3 tracks with D.M before he said he was busy and couldn’t continue with the project, this came as quite a surprise, I offered him money; he said no- he would never want to charge me for work (which I found strange because…it’s WORK, something is always given in return right?). So I bowed out graciously, thank God, I found other producers, and ended up working with 6 for my whole album.

D.M and I stayed in touch, we’d even email when he was on holiday and I’d update him about the progress of the album. However, around the beginning of August things turned rather sour. I went to visit D.M with a friend of mine; he said he’d heard I’d been out doing gigs and people admire me and that I should be ‘praising him’ on stage (not God..HIM)..I explained that I’ve been doing acapella’s (because I never had instrumentals) and showed him a magazine online in which I’d promoted his name.

In the same breath he explained that he was no longer Christian and had become agnostic…I knew things were weird; I immediately called the other producers I’d been working with and asked if I could reproduce the tracks that D.M had done; however I didn’t tell him that. I felt so bad that I decided to put his name next to the producers that GENUINELY produced (reproduced) the album tracks; their names are Junior Hall and Paul Watson

The day I took my albums to print I texted and emailed all the producers that worked with me on the album, thanking them for all the support. D.M texted back saying ‘well done, I’m happy to be part of the project’. The day I actually GOT my albums I text the producers and designers updating them. D.M and I spoke on the phone; he said ‘congratulations, look forward to hearing the whole thing’. I told D.M I’d be in church all day rehearsing (for the launch) and that he can come and be the first to pick one up. He emailed me later saying I should come to his house and give it to him- I explained that I had no money (when you’re launching an album independently YOU ARE 100% BROKE, trust me) he lives far and I couldn’t afford to get there. The next day he called me saying ‘the love is not mutual, I’m not gonna love you if you’re not gonna love me, I don’t want any of my tracks on your album’ I asked him why he would tell me this the day after he congratulated me for getting them printed…he said I didn’t respect him enough.

I decided to end the phone call knowing that my lack of shouting back was adding fuel to his fire so I told him I’d give his number to my designer and another producer. They called him. He was calm apparently…the next day he sent an email over; with this email came a contract. This contract said in order for me to keep the tracks (he thought were) on my album I’d have to sign and abide by the following: D.M is to have full control over the whole of my album, D.M is to have full control over my finances and financial comings and goings, D.M is to have guest list invites to all my gigs, and I must meet regularly with D.M.

I forwarded this contract to my designer and another very well-known business man in the gospel industry, they both laughed at the contract and thought it was insane. They told me not to sign it and to join the Musicians Union (www.musiciansunion.org.uk), on of the largest unions for musicians worldwide. I did.

I even gave D.M free tickets to my album launch, but he did not turn up. If you thought that was trauma…it’s after the album launch that things really got stupid. It started off with constant phone calls, from both his and a private number, at least 20 a day, I changed my number, so obviously the phone calls ended. Then the stalking became online stalking; emails, one of which said…

you better “think twice before you release your music on iTunes…”

D.M was previously on my mailing list; one time I made an error and forgot to put email addresses on the blind carbon copy (if you forget to do this; everyone sees your email) in October D.M pasted the whole of my mailing list into an email forwarded them 3 of my tracks for download and in the email called me illegal and a thief. When people mailed him back he called me a con artist and immoral. I sent out an apology to the whole of my mailing list apologising for their being dragged into a situation that should not have concerned them.

D.M then sent me more emails of with bits of hate in it, as usual I did not reply.

Then D.M began the ‘copyright claim game’. This is when he roams youtube, finds a video, writes to youtube tells them that HE owns the video (regardless of what video it is) and youtube pull it down; you tube never ask you whether it’s true or not; they simply pull the video down. I then have to file a counter-claim; which I always do, then I have to wait 10-15 days while you, the public have to constantly see ‘THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN TAKEN DOWN DUE TO A COPYRIGHT CLAIM BY D.M’- Annoying.

He has also done the same with my myspace, reverbnation, facebook, vimeo, this very website, and pretty much any avenue he can find after leaving hate spam under all of them. In December as you will know I did a show called One To One show; before I even got to the studio to record the set; D.M emailed REVELATION TV to tell them that I was a con, a thief and immoral. Revelation told me about this, I had to explain the whole thing, and thank God I was still able to do the show. The show is now online because m-briomusic.co.uk now put all the One To One shows online. Or shall I say WAS. M-brio had to take down the video due to D.M playing ‘Copyright Claim Game’ with their website domain. Thank God, m-brio music understood that this was not my fault and filed a copy right claim against him even though this is something they’ve never had to do before.

Currently I’m competing in the Cordless Show; every five minutes D.M writes hate mail on my Cordless profile along the lines of this…

Please don’t vote for Michaela. Whether you are a Christian or not, her Christian hypocrisy is permeating her output: You shall not steal – Michaela has taken other artists’ compositions, productions without their permission. Theft! You shall not make for yourself an idol – Michaela is dedicating, next to, all her time promoting herself. Is she putting money and SELF ahead of everything and everyone? Do not take the name of the Lord in vain – By preaching the scripture, but acting in illegal and immoral ways, she is giving Christianity a bad rep. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbour – Lying and plagiarism is a part of Michaela’s approach to making an album

Others I had to delete said worse; things which I don’t wish to publicise to you all. Oops there goes another one- he’s just commented again and off I go to delete it. My sister and my friends have been monitoring the websites and delete his comments as soon as they come. Why do I keep deleting it? Because people out there don’t know me and someone will actually believe that! In fact, when he emailed my mailing list I know for a fact there were people (who I am still friendly with; but am just fully aware they are not my ‘friends’) that went around telling people about it as if it was true…pathetic times.

I also just got the information that the reason why I’m still so many votes behind the guy that’s currently in first place is because every time D.M sets up a username, he gives him a vote before putting hatred on my profile. So, thanks for your Cordless Show Votes :-), but unless D.M decides to stop creating loads of email address; his determination and my reluctance to cheat has already made winning for me a virtual impossibility.

You lot know I have a mouth; you know with a tongue as sharp as mine I can rip a human being to shreds if you’ve done me wrong… but you know what… I might say some mean stuff in my head (God forgive me) but I’ll never put it online because my last wish is to go and cuss out someones character publicly, and besides my mum thinks he needs help; not only from God, but real psychological help. And I can only pray that God meets him where he is…that He takes hold of the heart of this man and washes it of all the hurt he seems to be feeling; whether it be family issues, relationships, career, whatever; I just pray God shows him the true desires of his own heart.

Before you, the cynical one begins to think perhaps D.M and I were romantically involved; perhaps I was flirting with him and I led him on to reject him: YOU’RE WRONG. It’s hard to explain why that NEVER happened..let’s just leave it as he’s not in my age range…I definitely never gave those signals at all, and never thought I was getting them back from him until good ol’ hindsight.

P.S I haven’t responded to his emails/phone calls/comments ever, he hasn’t heard anything from me in over a year, just before my album launch day.

Here’s some advice as I explain the downsides to…

1. Not being signed or managed

There’s no one there to defend you, there’s no one there who cares about your vision enough to fight for it. When people like D.M start attacking film companies, tv stations, magazines; there is no one there to make you look credible; only you; and when someone speaks FOR YOU; it always seems less cheap. So you need a backbone; not one that is determined by mummy management giving you confidence and taking you everywhere, but one that is given to you by GOD…no time for wimps out here.

2. Working with producers and not writing up a contract and both signing it

Please do this, I mean producers as well as singers/rappers, in fact, film editors, designers; everyone. There are people who say they are going to pay you; they don’t pay you and they run away with your music. There are producers who say they don’t wanna charge you because they ‘work 4 christ‘ most of them change their minds..I wouldn’t chance it. DRAW UP A CONTRACT even if it says ‘The producer known as _____ is giving the artist known as ______ all tracks with no charge because they are doing it for Christ’ just do it and both of you sign it. And producers/artists need to STOP seeing it as a sign of RUDENESS, and start seeing it as a way to protect YOU as well as the other party involved; even if it’s a free exchange/promotion DO A CONTRACT ANYWAY.

3. Doing well as an artist;

All of this started when D.M realised people were responding positively to my work. You’ll meet enemies of progress when you start to ‘achieve’; these are not the people who inwardly think something about you for no reason and keep it to themselves; that’s the definition of a hater, enemies of progress are the ones that open their mouths and talk cow dung about you IN ORDER FOR PEOPLE TO HEAR/READ/SEE so that eventually enough people have a bad opinion of you for you to ruin your reputation completely. He hasn’t succeeded in that at all. But they will try…you need to NOT CARE WHAT PEOPLE THINK…I’m still trying to get there. LOVE GOD, FOLLOW HIS COMMANDMENTS, LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR…DO WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS…that’s ALL that matters…if you’re in right standing with God, or at least trying to be…you have nothing to fear for.

4. Being a solo artist;

If I was in a group the pressure and stress would be shared. I can’t explain to you the headache this has given me. If I was the kinda person that spent nights away from home hanging out with people in this shallow ‘industry’ running my mouth about other artists and just generally NOT being what their ‘tin-cans’ say on the cover, this particular burden would actually be less. There’d be people to defend me and stroke my ego and tell me I’m the greatest and not to worry ‘coz ‘everyone loves you’; even if they were only doing it to get something in return it works as a temporary fix. Unfortunately I’m a poet; my closest friends aren’t artists; they are friends that I’ve had from day dot and I spend the majority of my time writing, training and planning my future. YOU NEED TO BE ASSURED THAT BY BEING DIFFERENT YOU ARE REAPING ORIGINAL REWARDS…while the majority cling to each other and disguise dragging each other down with deflective gossip about others…God will take you high. You’re not in competition with these people because you are aiming for different things; your aiming for longevity; not instant short-term rewards, but a long successful future.; don’t watch them, and just do your thing.

When you’re doing well…
people will be jealous…
and jealousy…
that word is an all-consuming disgusting emotion,
almost scary, it eats you up.
It starts off like a seed inside of you then seethes under your skin before turning you inside out completely,
it leaves you looking crooked, ugly and damaged…
run away from this emotion,
it’s one of the 7 deadly sins that lead to murder;
the murdering of your very own soul.

Michaela The Poet.


36 Responses to “If you ever wondered why my album isn’t on iTunes…”

  1. Hanna October 30, 2010 at 12:04 pm #

    Michaela, Surely they will gather, but whoever gathers against you for evil will scatter! Woe on to those that decree unrighteous decrees against you for it will come to nought…as the psalmist said in psalm 35 ‘plead my cause o lord with those that strive with me, fight against those that fight against me’ michaela, whoever is standing in your way for evil, that same arrow they have used to taint your name and hinder the work of GOD, will go back to them. The pit of shame they have dug for you to fall into they will fall into it unexpectedly and that net that they have hidden for you will catch them.
    Take your stand and pray as the weapons of your warfare are not carnal and you are not fighting flesh and blood but powers and prinicipalities…take comfort in knowing that the gates of hell will never prevail.
    No weapon fashioned against you will prosper and every TONGUE that speaks against your name in judgement is condemned in JESUS NAME! May 2011 be your year of exaltation, promotion and may the enemy of scandal perish in your life xxx

  2. De'Borah September 16, 2010 at 7:21 pm #

    Hi Michaela,

    I’m really sorry to hear this happened to you. It’s absolutely atrocious.

    As an independent artist your advice really, ( I mean, really) touched me, thank you for taking the time to turn this bad situation round (as it were) and sharing the wisdom you’ve acquired.

    I remember when you first started out, congratulations on all your achievements. Onwards and Upwards!


  3. TNBTMAG September 11, 2010 at 6:00 pm #


    So sorry to hear what you have gone through. No matter what reputation anyone tries to paint about you be comforted that its only counts what God about you! Its a shame that as we pursue our dreams that there are those that try to disrupt this. But nothing can stop the favour of the Lord. Keep up the good work you are an inspiration to many! I know you will come out on top of this with a great testimony. No weapon formed against you shall proper.

    Much love and blessings,

    Linda A Smith x

  4. Uriah Du'Val September 7, 2010 at 3:15 pm #

    Im Truly Shocked That This Could Happen, Stand Strong In Your Faith As You Are A Light To Many.


  5. Ola Jay September 6, 2010 at 11:39 am #

    I would like to use the ‘threads of life’ in addressing this matter since it’s being published for public consumption…There are 2 sides to a coin and our Elders always say “You never pass judgement on an issue” from a one sided arguement” Since we don’t have the privilege of knowing ‘DM’s submission on what or wasn’t agreed about who owns what or what went on during those recording sessions…it would be quite subjective laying all the blame at anyone’s feet at this stage…But one thing is clear, there was a breakdown of a prior ‘good relationship’ and instead of someone taking the high road or being the bigger person…it has all gone pear shaped with ‘disturbing emails, creepy phone-calls’ blogs, etc…Since both parties profess to be Christians, I would sugest you do what our faith profers…’Get the elders to settle your matter.’ Thank God for cybernet, the whole world knows about it and can also learn form whatever good comes out of it! God Bless y’all.

  6. Monica September 6, 2010 at 10:03 am #

    Hi Michaela

    So sorry to hear about what you have been going through. It may be easy to say from my side (though I am also an artist and have also come across some of this kind of stuff and even have songs that I cannot touch or use because of it all getting complicated and not having been aware of things..you learn and you move on knowing God is a God of justice and he defends you!) but listen almost every good thing that is being birthed is going to get attacked…you know how normally the enemy tries to kill something before it is even born! well I know you have already released your album and are doing great but listen, you have not even begun yet…what God is birthing through you is way beyond what you even dare dream and I get the impression that you are a BIG dreamer. So I am very excited to see what this next season will bring for you and your vision.

    I just say stay strong, head up, keep doing what you are doing and…one more thing….PUT YOUR MUSIC UP ON ITUNES…….do not let one man dictate or intimidate or get in the way of what God is doing! the world needs to be inspired by what God has put in you…..and what is ONE person when God is truly on your side and for YOU! I would say call the police coz what this man is doing is basically a form of stalking but leave everything else up to God. What is ahead for you is bigger much bigger…you’ll come out of this time as gold and ready in character and heart for what God is about to do…….I also wouldn’t get too impressed by this man’s efforts to destroy what is happening with your music etc….coz I have seen many times in my life and in the lives of those around me that when Daddy God rises up to defend his kids nothing gets in his way….i feel bad for this guy, coz when you pick a fight with one of God;s kids or his anointed you are actually without knowing it picking a fight with God himself….and that is not a cool position to be in.

    I believe in your work, I have the utmost respect for your vision and i love your heart.

    Much respect and I say go for it..looking forward to downloading your album on itunes and any other digital form there may be……..it needs to be out there!

  7. Mr.DaMention September 5, 2010 at 11:10 pm #


  8. Prizzy Progress September 5, 2010 at 8:37 pm #

    This was very insightful and I’ve learnt a lot from reading it. I’ve posted a tweet about it on my twitter and belive its essential for new artist to grasp some of the issues you have dealt with and blogged about. Thank you and God bless. And God see you and your efforts. The scripture Ecc 3:11 springs to mind instantly. I now want a copy of your album too!!! Also I’ve met you in person a few times and don’t know how you could maintain your lovely spirit if this DM dude says your so negative and evil. Your Beautiful (the name of one of your songs). Never forget. Until we next meet 😉

    P.s ignore vocabulary mistakes…I’m on a blackberry lol 😉

  9. Aszering September 5, 2010 at 5:54 am #

    Thats crazy.. I am so sorry for you had to go through that.. but thank you for sharing your on point advice.. I pray God shall finally give you peace with this guy and He shall flee… we need to pray for J.M.. need to pray, love and bless those who cure you.. its hard but it makes u more like Christ when u do.. keep striving and moving forward Michaela.. u are inspiring so many by being you x

  10. Pete September 5, 2010 at 5:32 am #

    Good blog!
    Why don’t you release the album again, but without his music? Problem solved?

  11. ChrissyD September 5, 2010 at 5:15 am #

    Hi Michaels,

    You are truly brave for writing this. What a difficult situation you are in but you know what nothing is too difficult for our Lord, he is in control.

    I don’t know you personally but saw an interview you did on OHTV and I was immediately drawn to you.

    I need to get your album.

    Keep doing your thing and God bless you xx

  12. Eva-Beau September 5, 2010 at 12:00 am #

    Hi Michaela
    I just read your latest blog and all i can say is WOW. The enemy will always try to take you down and trash your name and character. But at the end of the day God knows you and he knows you heart and that is all that matters. He will fight your corner.

    stay blessed and keep preaching the pure unadulterated word.

  13. Laydee Riddz September 4, 2010 at 11:59 pm #

    Wooww!! Even as a chrisitan i rate you coz its not easy to hold our peace in situations like these.. Thank God for allowing this experience to be so beneficial to you 🙂 He has taught you well lol. Also for the fab advice that my sister will be needing, its about time someone said it how it is. God Bless You Michaela 😀 x

  14. LT September 4, 2010 at 11:57 pm #

    Just read it…I felt like kicking that dudes ass… egotistical, greedy git (Yes D.M. If you do read this, that is what you are)…woooooosa!!!

    Like August says you do have grounds for harrasment. Also as a manager I had the same issue with a client who had similar problems a while back. Though the producer did not become an ass like D.M, client decided to leave the track (unfortunately with her vocals on it)and save any hassle. Track is never used or played.

    He may have rights to the original beat made but has no rights to the re-produced work. So the fact that he’s claiming infringement this n that is sooooo false!!

    I really thank God for the grace he has given you to cope with this!! You really are a woman of courage & truly thank God for you.


  15. Rebekah O Lemoru September 4, 2010 at 11:27 pm #


    I definitely was not expecting that when I first started reading… Well I just want to say firstly that the devil is a liar!
    You’re such an inspiritational young lady and the first time I saw your interview and performances on the ‘one to one’ show I immediately went on my laptop and searched for you and ever since then I have not stopped!
    This challenge your going through is just a stepping stone taking you to greater and higher places…
    I’ll keep you in my prayers Michaela & remain blessed!

    Rebekah x

  16. Jai September 4, 2010 at 10:34 pm #


    Just wanted to leave you a little note to say that I think you’re amazing and truly blessed, you have such a wonderful gift! I’m glad that despite all the drama you’ve been going through you’ve still been sharing it with us all and that you have remained Christian and dignified throughout it all.

    Don’t let all the D.M. foolishness get you down! Your mum is right – he does need serious psychological help as well as prayer. I hope that he’ll soon get bored of internet stalking you and leave you alone.

    Keep on doing what you’re doing girl!

    God Bless


  17. OfficialVTM September 4, 2010 at 10:22 pm #

    what a prick.

  18. Airborne MaRK September 4, 2010 at 5:11 pm #

    Keep it Celestial. Uppity up!

  19. TaDa September 4, 2010 at 1:26 pm #

    Hi Michaela!

    After reading this post I felt moved just to say be encouraged!

    Remember Job? He was a blameless man, and the devil asked God if he could terrorise his life just to try and find fault in him. (I know it’s not exactly the same situation, but I hope u know what I mean, lol)

    In spite of the resistance you may be getting now, just remember that promotion comes from the Lord! He brings down one and exalts another, He sees what’s happening and will deal with it in His own magnificent way.

    Proverbs 18: 16
    ‘A man’s gift makes room for him, and brings him before great men’

    Nuff said! x

  20. Midé September 4, 2010 at 12:07 pm #

    This is really serious. I dont know you personally, Ive enjoyed your work from a distance. So i obviously didnt imagine that this much trauma was behind your body of work. You definitely are rising above this by sharing this with cyberspace. Because knowing this has added incredibly to your testament as a Christ-like musician and artist.

    I have to say as well, thanks for the advice bit. I think a lot of what you shared needs to be read by a lot of people in the gospel community.

    And because of what ive heard, seen, watched and understand about your purpose, i think its clear youre a pioneer.

  21. Queen B September 4, 2010 at 11:59 am #

    Thanks for sharing! You are amazing, brave and courageous. God is your protector and advocate! Remember that. I don’t know you personally, but feel a spiritual connection to you and your work! No body told us that the road would be easy, but he ain’t brought us this far to leave us! Keep soldiering on! Everything is beautiful in its time; and yes we need to pray for this individual; because he truly needs help too…and God has a plan for his lift too…I already voted for you yesterday, but you know what Michaela, when God is ready to promote you, propel your material into the public domain, you will be fully prepared and equipped, have no fear hun! place your total trust in Him…rest assured you are on the right road – hence why you are experiencing adversity (TD like to call it “light affliction” Yeh rite!) Lol!. The devil ain’t bothered bout people that are sitting back doing nothing! You have my prays and support. Go girl! Do your thing!

  22. Baliva September 4, 2010 at 11:55 am #

    I am really sorry to hear about the drama you’ve been going through, You are not alone sis, we will pray for you and your music ministry! Keep up the good vibes!

  23. Jj September 4, 2010 at 11:10 am #

    I gotta confess I didn’t know bout u till someone put a link on fb to this blog, curiosity caught the better of me and im looking forward to checkin out some of ur stuff.

    My point – God works ALL things together for GOOD to those that love the LORD.

    So, this guy is being puppetted (by we know who – father of lies and author of confusion) to try and pull you down, but God is using it to His glory – gaining you more publicity!

    And I’m really impressed at you for not naming to shame this guy, whilst we pray he will feel convicted and repent – you’ve left him enough room to come back from where he’s fallen to without feeling humiliated constantly, thank you for showing love – blessing those that curse you.

    Off to listen to some of your stuff now! 🙂

  24. Nana Dekyi September 4, 2010 at 10:29 am #

    This Actually Made Me Feel Sick!!
    Michaela U R Soooooooooooooooooooo Talented Ur Poems Are So Meaningful! God Puts A Certain Spirit In People Which Brings Across Positive Vibes And I Have That From U!! U R Much Loved By Me And Alot Of My Friends….Actually It Was My Friends Bday On The Second And Whilst We Were Getting Ready We Were Listening To YOUR Album!! God Is Surely With U! 🙂

  25. Sista Queen September 4, 2010 at 10:10 am #

    From one Sista Queen to another. Thank you for your honesty, bravery as I know that you was contemplating whether you should or not, for your God given direction on writing this blog. DM is to thank God now that ‘Your Changed Your A Christian.’ He wants you and cause he cant have you he exposed himself. Well my sista lift up your eyes unto the hills… No testimony without a test. Stay strong and continue in God. 🙂

  26. SPIRIT September 4, 2010 at 9:33 am #

    Such a mature way to approach the subject Michaela and you still manage to educate and teach in the middle of a blog that I know is hard to write. You make me proud.

    Stay sweet!

  27. BelindaBornfree September 4, 2010 at 9:31 am #

    More power to you Michaela for not naming and shaming this guy. He needs the unrelenting love of our Lord Jesus Christ. I will pray for him. And I will pray that God continues to keep u strong. A lot of us do this because we’ve seen u up there and He has used you to inspire. Go sista! Love,


  28. JessiKa September 4, 2010 at 8:50 am #

    D.M, if you read this blog and these comments (which by the sounds of it you probably will) please don’t waste your life chasing after someone else’s career. I’ve heard some of your stuff and you’re really gifted, do YOUR thing. Wether or not you do/don’t believe in God, He still believes in you and is ready whenever you’re ready.

  29. Syane September 4, 2010 at 7:59 am #


    Wow this is intense. I don’t know you personally but I LOVE your work and I hope all these responses encourage you. You are a unique, inspiring artist who is carving out new paths in a mad and crazy jungle. This guy is like the brambles, trying to hold you back. It seems to me he is blind to how the enemy is using him. Its sad and painful and I can’t imagine how much strength you have needed to keep going, keep persisting, keep focused. I thank God that his favour is on you. I pray that “no weapon formed against you will prosper”. I pray that “DM” will come to know the true and living Jesus and be totally transformed by his mercy and understand love. I pray that you put on your shiny and super strong specially made for Michaela armour and keep on pioneering. This is what you were born to do.

    Syane. x

  30. Brownsugar September 4, 2010 at 4:34 am #

    Hey Mucks,

    I want to start by saying well done for writing a well balanced, objective and reflective blog concerning this situation. A lot of people would have used this forum to vent and sound off at “D.M’. From what I know of the situation, you couldn’t have put this nicer if you tried.

    You are a gifted artist, but more than that you are an amazing person, who will continue to develop and grow spiritually, emotionally and of course in time…financially. Please be encouraged and remain focused on what is ahead of you. This is and has been a major distraction, a very painful one at times. Distraction means…interruption, disruption, commotion, diversion etc. To avoid any of these you need to keep your eyes on your source, which is God.

    This persecution will no longer disrupt or divert you in any way. In fact it will serve to make you stronger and more focused & determined! What your enemies don’t realise is that if it wasn’t for their hating/jealousy/and overall bad mindedness…you probably wouldn’t strive as hard as you do…so in a way (a painful one I know), they are actually contributing to your success! And that is like “heaping coals on their heads’.

    Keep strong & stay blessed,

    Love always,


  31. Chinedu September 4, 2010 at 12:01 am #

    Because he probably scours your site endlessly.
    Let’s leave him a message.

    Know God, Know Love.
    Know Love, Show Love

    And Michaela..
    Sometimes when mountains are in place
    that just don’t seem to be moving.
    Maybe God put them there
    for you to grow and excel.

    The next level isn’t too far
    Keep on keepin’ on


  32. Rachel Okay September 3, 2010 at 11:51 pm #

    Prayers, Hugs and Kisses

  33. Gloria September 3, 2010 at 11:42 pm #

    He’s weird. You’re awesome. And no matter if I don’t truly know you personally, from just seeing your poetry, I can see you’re real. No need for convincing.

    Stay strong!

  34. AugustJames September 3, 2010 at 5:55 pm #

    Well Michaela madear, thanks for sharing. I am truly sorry to hear what this psychotic, hating coward is trying to do to. It’s shocking that he is dedicating this much effort and time into trying to ruin you, and this much energy seems to me to come from someone driven by ugly, evil spirits.

    I commened you for how well you have handled it so far, and I thanks God for the support he has put around you. At this point I just want to remind you that the battle you are fighting here is spiritual and not carnal. And it is a battle that can and will be won if you ask your Father, your brothers and sisters, to back you up (me being one of them).

    Don’t stress dear one, just put it all in God’s hands and move forward at His direction.

    What I will say also though is that you have so much patience, because I have a low tolerance for tom-foolery, and I would bet you have enough evidence for a case of harrassment. Just get that stuff together, see the police anda lawyer and trust me Mr D.M. will be taken care of in the physical plane….nah mean?

    Anyway, keep your head up, and keep talking to us. people are listening sis.

    Hope you’re having a beautiful day in London xxx

  35. Ebi ibojie September 3, 2010 at 5:54 pm #


    God bless you for not putting him on public blast! i cant even imagine how frustrating this must be…

    anyways i can see who you are from your work, even thought i dont know you personally…and i kno that you are REAL!!

    He needs serious help….

    Much Love ❤


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