Drama School Diaries (DSD) Part 30

23 Oct

Hey guys,

Yesterday we had the third school play…today is notes day…one side of my doesn’t really care about the notes…I couldn’t give a monkeys…the technique I’m trying to adopt is don’t protest to anything; sit there, take it, agree with it and leave. Because either way; their opinion albeit good or bad doesn’t really mean much; it’s just one persons opinion, if there’s something I can learn nestled in there, fine; but if there’s nothing, I’ll dust the sand off my feet and keep walking.

First notes session; this was with the director. Within the first 5 minutes i was already crying, we were speaking about the journey I’ve made in the last 5 weeks; I started off so timid and withdrawn (as you’ll know from previous diaries) because of the previous notes, but I let it go (as you’ll also know), and that allowed me to become more at ease with being in the space; not totally, but the progress was immense. My notes with my director were actually really good…but i still didn’t care, for some reason everything she said went completely over my head.

Then there was my voice teacher, once again she said she really liked my performance and gave me good feedback, she said my breath could have been lower, but that could have been due to the high heels I had to wear, I said it also could be the fact that my breath isn’t low enough, she laughed. She gave me some of her Twix, she said my RP (this means talking posh) has improved a lot, then I left.

Next was DC- remember the teacher from before? He said I was elegant, that it was the most relaxed he’d ever seen me on stage, that I could have played my ‘intention’ more at times (that’s just drama school language) but that he’s proud of the fact that I managed to play outside of my comfort zone “well done!” he said…I said thanks and left.

Next was Wendy…she said ‘I’d heard you were having problems in the beginning’; trust her to keep it real, I told her all about it, she laughed and said ‘hopefully you can take something from the majority of the teachers’, trust mummy Wendy to be honest. She said my work has come on a million% since 1st year, that watching me in period dance (some old medieval dance class we have) was ‘enchanting’, she Guildhall was lucky to have someone with the spark and inhibitions I have as much as I am lucky to enter that world and learn to live in that one as well as my own. She said my ‘loopy’ side needs to be controlled when it comes to taking criticism..I didn’t know she thought of me as ‘loopy’ but I said thanks nonetheless and left..

All that kept coming in my head was ‘good thing, bad thing, who knows?’ a phrase one of my teachers said a few months ago. “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so” was another phrase that kept coming to me; this one’s by Shakespeare in Hamlet. I think for that right now I reckon that if I’m not to be phased by bad feedback..I shouldn’t be phased by good feedback either. They are just a body of people…with opinions, and very few facts, and the more excited I allow myself to get by good feedback; the more gutted I’d be with the bad. I had 3 more teachers to visit for notes; and for the first time I wasn’t willing to let notes usurp the freedom of my Friday night; I had a song to record and some poems to write, I left without having seen all my teachers.

How do I personally feel about the play? I’m in a good group, and I knew that from the moment I saw the list of names, we bonded well and I reckon most people felt safe during the project rehearsals and the show itself. My personal aim was not really to ‘act well’ in the showing, it was to be able to be softly feminine, elegant and vulnerable on stage, and for once in my life (as an actor not a poet) I did that, so I’m satisfied, it felt strange, but I’ve realised the only times I’ve ever had good feedback in drama school has been the moments where I’ve felt like I wasn’t working at all and falling short of the required ‘effort’.

I’ve officially finished my fourth play!

Michaela The Poet


One Response to “Drama School Diaries (DSD) Part 30”

  1. TheatreMad87 October 30, 2010 at 4:45 pm #

    Well done! I already said I thought you all did really well. Obviously, my feedback ain’t a patch on the teachers’ stuff; but at least I didn’t fall asleep during this one! ;-D xx

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