11 Nov

Hello sticky-toffee pies and sweet pea-people!!

Kept the last couple Drama School Diaries  diaries private to avoid getting into trouble (though I do a bad job of that in itself, but still… 😉 )

Okay..so a brief update; a couple weeks ago we “performed” a play called Murmuring Judges; we worked for 6 weeks towards the project and I’ve already said how my feedback sessions went (in previous a previous diary). I had a feedback meeting with my movement teacher after I wrote that diary entry and he really made me think.

You lot know how I am; although I’m going to a drama ranked top 3 worldwide blah blah blah…but I’m not entirely sure I actually want to be an actor. My movement teacher has a huge amount of faith in my future as an actor, he gave me a long speech about the ‘potential’ I have in the state I’m in already (having completed less than half the course), went on and on, and ended his speech by saying ‘I don’t maen to pressurise you madam, just making you aware of the rare gift inside you

Do I really want that pressure? Being an actor seems like a lot of work…but then again I seem to attach myself to anything that involves risk and spontaneity so maybe it’s just for me, who knows.

We’ve moved straight on to our next play which is a restoration play (meaning a 17th Century English play) called ‘The Man of Mode’ by George Etheredge. Once again I’ve been given a character that is very ‘soft’..the school are still clearly pushing me to explore my soft, less aggressive and negative side!

Oh- speaking of that negative angry aggressive thing; remember how I sorted it out with D.C (type in the search box D.C if you’re clueless)? Well now we even joke about that time, it’s really great.

You know what I learnt? I learnt a phrase from a director I wrote about mainly in my private diaries. The phrase is;

“Take the Note”

When someone; i.e friends/teachers/misguided pastors/directors criticise something you’re doing (i.e gives you a ‘note’ where you could improve or where you are flopping), just ‘Take the Note’ you don’t have to believe the note; but you will save yourself a lot of time, energy, anger and tears, if you just ‘Take the Note’ in your private time do what you want with it; spit on the note, put it in a shredder, set it alight, read it over and over again, put it under your pillow for osmosis. But in that moment; just take the darn note and move on. As much as directors/teachers/pastors would hate to admit it; sometimes their criticism is just based on their prior experience.

Perhaps in your past experiences when you’ve seen girls with hair like mine they’ve been a heathen! Or when you’ve seen girls who wear clothes like mine they’ve been sexually promiscuous…what happens when you’re the person who defies all those stereotypes? Don’t expect other people to acknowledge that; they will paint you with the same brush; it’s human; it’s a coping mechanism that we all use; makes life easier if we use our past to dictate our present…but like all coping mechanisms; they may make you feel safe; but in all truth; feeling safe may prevent you from growing and learning, and besides; feeling safe, and being safe; are two entirely different things.

I remember a time when someone (not anyone in authority just someone who hardly knew me) suggested that I began poetry too soon after I became a christian and so therefore I’m not a christian because I needed more time to just be a christian without writing poetry; as far as she was concerned this was her brand new nugget of spiritual enlightenment; like I’d never heard it before; like I DECIDED I’d be a poet of my own accord..but I didn’t bother arguing; I took the note: “I’ll pray about that, thanks” I said- and I did pray about it; I prayed and praised God for the wisdom He’s given to me to ignore such nonsense! I took the note, went home, got the note out of my bag, laughed at it; then went to the 23rd floor of my high rise flat in central London and I threw it out of the window, and laughed at it as it grew gravity-abiding wings yet had nowhere else to go but down to hell.

Of course; that was metaphorical, but it holds just as much weight; don’t make yourself appear difficult, stubborn and hard-headed by challenging people; they’ve already got their opinions; and you; the object of their opinion; is probably the least likely person to succeed in changing itt”: “Take the Note”.

I also have learnt that you have to accommodate for people’s characters; if someone is very shy, and back footed- don’t be all front-footed, strong and confident all the time; I’m not saying ‘be someone else’, but if you spend your life focusing on others instead of yourself; you’ll find that your manner alters to make others feel comfortable- something I’m learning to get right more and more each day. Some people love the fact that I’m really friendly; other people find it over-bearing and intimidating; I “Take the Note”; read it (metaphorically), realise there is genuinely something I can take from it, and keep that particular note under my bed in my special box along with the dice Charlene Marques gave me on the last day of Primary school; the box full of things I occasionally open up knowing something in there will add texture to the outlook I have on my life.

We are also doing Shakespeare which is GREAT!! Let me tell you about Shakespeare; I ADORE his work; his plays are beautiful, ingeniously written, and have substance. I like “The Man of Mode”, but I’m not 100% loving it because the play is kinda shallow; everyones intention in the play seems to be to get married or have sex with someone by any means necessary. But Shakespeare always takes it deep..you don’t understand how much I love his work. We only do Shakespeare once a week at the moment and for me; it’s the highlight of all 5-7 days we spend in school. It’s taught by Patsy Rodenburg; which of course is a massive bonus. It’s made me realise, if I choose to be an actor; Shakespeare is what I ardently and primarily want to do..yes…I wanna do Shakespeare 24/7; and if I ever get to a stage in my life where I can afford to choose what jobs I do…I will do nothing but classical plays (like Shakespeare and greek tragedies)

Anyway…yeah…that’s it for now. I’ll update you about everything else on the weekend!..Naaah..i said that too loosely; I probably won’t, but I will eventually!

Love you loads,



7 Responses to ““TAKE THE NOTE” (DSD) Part 34”

  1. Rachel Okay December 3, 2010 at 12:22 am #


  2. Yemi November 24, 2010 at 5:47 pm #

    lol at Uk Gospel comment

  3. TheatreMad87 November 16, 2010 at 7:46 pm #

    Thanks for this,love. I’m going through a similar thing, myself, and I’m actually looking forward to being challenged with the notes the teachers will give me soon. It’s something I’ve never had a problem with, before, because I took direction. Taking a note is a completely different thing, as I’m qquickly learning!

    Lots of love xxxx

  4. ukgospel November 14, 2010 at 5:47 am #

    I bet you don’t love me, really… 🙂

  5. Ikesha November 11, 2010 at 11:59 pm #

    thanks for the nugget mucks. it really challenged me-i wish i got a chance to read it earlier today it would helped me in a certain situation xxx keep sharing

  6. waikisays November 11, 2010 at 8:42 pm #

    Everything you said is so true and it’s something I’ve been struggling with big time, I can take criticism from stangers or people who aren’t close to me, but as soon as my relatives make remarks (that could be beneficial to me), I rebel. I should really ‘take the note’ and find a (positive) way to react to it. Thanks for another great post Michaela!

  7. Afryea November 11, 2010 at 9:18 am #

    well written hun… nice to hear your thoughts xx

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