Michaela Performs in Rotterdam (Recap)/UPDATES!

20 Dec

So I’m back from Rotterdam!  As many of you know I had a weekend full of gigs and giddiness over there at the beginning of this month and here is a tiny little recap! Do you know what is good but terrible? Snow is. My flight got delayed, then cancelled (then cancelled, then delayed)  so I basically missed most of them, but MADE ONE THAT WAS AMAZING.

I kinda didn’t know what to expect and because I had about 1 hour to myself in between getting off the plane dumping my bags in a hotel then performing for the first time in Rotterdam…as you can see from my video, I was NERVOUS as anyfink!

I was in a different country…I had no idea what the crowd were going to be like..the guy that picked me up from the airport was some 6 ft 4ish brother with a brand new mercedes..I was expecting a petite middle-aged white man who I would barely be able to understand. This guy had better english than I did, I felt like a fool lol. What I found out through him was that I’d kinda be publicly interviewed and that they’d based their questions on research they’d done on me prior to my arrival. *BAG OF NERVES*

We reach the venue..People looked sooo good! Like seriously, the swagger was inspirational, the style was unique!!! Everyone spoke to me in perfect english, I had to pronounce my words to feel like I was up to par…why can’t London ppl be like this? LOL.

However…what I didn’t see coming..was that the whole event would be in Dutch..I didn’t know what was going on! Thank God a girl in front of me was approachable enough for me to ask her to translate most of it for me (once again, in english better than mine). I couldn’t understand some of the artists, but it’s amazing how important the use of your body is when speaking: I enjoyed them through watching their body, and their faces and therefore understood them on some level.

Reminded me of the scripture ‘By their fruits ye shall know them’: in that small moment I learnt a lot spiritually; seeing as my faith is not necessarily a mentally rational/tangible thing, it’s not by words that people can grasp this journey; it’s through the body; through action! The same way some foreign part of me understood those rappers/poets without knowing what they said; people must understand the message that I’m delivering (the foreign part is maybe their spirit-man, or the depth of their hearts)..not all the time maybe, but a lot of the time I reckon.

I was asked whether I agreed that my seemingly ‘philosophical mindset’ conflicts with Christianity and I had to give an answer on the spot in front of all these people! And I did…and by the clap and looks on their faces..it made sense!

It’s one thing to be able to write a bunch of lyrics and then spew them out in church events, it’s another thing to stand in front of adults that don’t know you, who are clearly highly intellectual, and who have views on ‘religion’ that could intimidate your average Christian and EXPLAIN oneself.

That’s what I love to do…that’s where I wanna be. After the show they decided to have a random open mic; the vibe was still cooking and no one wanted to leave so why not?! I met loads of people, I was actually overwhelmed at how beautiful everyone seemed, from a 70+ year old woman from Yugoslavia who’s descended from gypsies and poets, to a 24yr old former college-drop out current graphic design entrepeneur. I’d had so much fun, and I must say a big thank you to my new friend Kevin (the brother with the Mercedes) because he made me feel so welcome and made me laugh loads!

I went back to the hotel, slept, had a meeting with another company who intend to have me back there mid January at 9am, then at 10am I had to leave to catch a 12pm flight! The Rotterdam vibe was LIVE. I didn’t want to leave, and I was genuinely hoping my flight would get cancelled because I LOVED ROTTERDAM. The artists were CRAZY talented..their wordplay was awesome (the ones that performed in english LOL) and I was inspired…take me back please, here’s pics of some of that nights performers etc.

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Love you loads!!!!!



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