7 Jan


So TOMORROW i’m supporting JUNIOR GARR, an amazing musician and altogether lovely person at RUACH MINISTRIES

Jan 15th-16th I’ll be in Rotterdam performing again! so excited, this time it’s for MR.CLASH and other such things; here’s part of the press release

“…an unforgettable evening. With a line-up of Michaela, TAG, Robert Mitchell feat. Ntjam Rosie, Zapp 4 vs. DJ Git Hyper, Saravah Soul and DJ Swoolish, Mr. Clash will let you experience the artistic spirit of our times. A full-evening’s exclusive crossover concert in de Doelen’s most beautiful city crush room which provides a fascinating view of Rotterdam”

Flights on saturday! Argh! Here’s a cool virtual tour of the venue


and Jan 23rd I’ll be supporting Terri Walker

…more info if you watch the lovely slideshow I have broken my brain preparing for you, 🙂 I reckon things are always better when they are shiny , flashing , or moving.

I’d also like to say thank you to all who showed up to see my set at Love Lounge, my team and I had a lot of fun timings!!!!!

Here’s January for you in the form of moving pictures…pretend you are at an art gallery, it’s really all quite amazing..breathtaking I’d say.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So erm….guess I’ll see you around. I start drama school in a couple days so look out for more diaries 🙂


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