22 May

Hello Everyone!

I haven’t had anything particularly interesting to say the last two months, I’ve been working hard and have kinda backed off the virtual world because I have a life to set foundations for at the moment. And there is no point writing or speaking if you ain’t got nothing to say. I’m not the kinda chick that likes the sound of my own voice, so I just decided to forget about the website for a while (which checking my blog stats everyday and thanking God that at least 20 people a day are still logging on here 🙂 thank you!)

Today is 22nd May…so I felt I HAD to’s my anniversary, 5 years since I wrote my first poem…entitled ‘BEAUTIFUL’; the piece that propelled me into the performing arts scene like a space shuttle launch. What I’d like to do with this day is encourage fellow artists, and in fact, fellow people. Here’s a couple pointers from a girl who don’t know that much;

Don’t Worry

Nothing matters, seriously. We get so stressed out over EVERYTHING; I gotta release this by THIS date, gotta drop a video by THIS time, gotta print my CD’s by THIS week, gotta do this this this and this

What for?

What’s gonna happen if you take your time?

Your product will be of better quality, you’ll be able to make sure the right people are backing your project, you’ll be able to put your all into it, and meditate on everything you’re doing, and you won’t be making art for the sake of deadlines, which is what we so often do.

If you don’t take your time…

The world will not end…you won’t go to hell…nothing’s gonna happen.

People’s ears are not on a timer; they are not going to explode in 2 months time and be unable to hear your stuff. Their eyes will be in working order; your video will still be watched if you release when it’s ready rather than when you decide it MUST be ready.

Just chill out and take your time!

You Need People…But You Don’t Need Everyone:

Stop focusing on signing label deals, getting management deals, getting PR companies…and just focus on your art with a sense of independence..the more focused on MUSIC  you are (as opposed to fame and shiny glories) the more people/companies will come into your life ASKING you to depend on them, it’s more profitable than begging Sony, Island, and EMI to listen to your CD; they are probably not listening and probably won’t unless someone they know and rate personally recommends you to them..that’s just how the world works

Don’t Undervalue the Things You Create

I get the mixtape thing, great; but don’t start releasing your music for free because you’re worried no one will pay for it- if you feel like that it might just be because deep down you feel like you’re not worth it as an artist/loosing your touch, and to be honest that’s the moment you should take time out and decide what it is you really want to do and why: if you don’t think at least one of your songs has the potential to be at least ONE persons FAVOURITE most soul-changing, most touching track of their entire life then why are you writing?

Remember that when things are free you don’t only gain an audience; you lose an audience too, because for as many people that download it, there will be as many people who think ‘why is it free? It’s probably crappy’ or ‘oh it’s free…i’ll get it later‘ (and subsequently never get it), and are never ‘blessed’

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Don’t Copy What’s Current, Change The Tide

Please don’t become a carbon copy of what you see on MTV; Beyonce is famous- being LIKE Beyonce won’t make you famous because BEYONCE ALREADY EXISTS, no one is looking for another one, so why try to multiply her? So then we think ‘ohh okay, be unique’- LADY GAGA is unique…and that is annoying as heck…she has taken up the ‘unique artist’ slot and is currently battering it to death, so dying your hair green/making strange stuttering noises on tracks/wearing toilet paper on your head/WHATEVER new whacky idea you had isn’t going to do anything positive for you. There comes a time in life when you have to stop caring what people think (people, not God) and just DO YOU!

…YOU…and you know what…YOU might not be ‘oh so different’ or ‘unique’ or ‘strikingly amazing’ BUT..the ability to be YOU, untainted, uninfluenced, the pure unadulterated YOU is what will make people love you, the ordinary you. I love you because of that, and so will everyone else 😮

There Are No Other Lanes

I was gonna say ‘don’t watch the people in the other lanes’ but then I realised, there are no other lanes. If you’re truly focused, you will know that your career/art is NOT a competition, other people may think they are doing similar things to you, but they are not! It’s almost laughable! You are the only person running…in the whole of Wembley stadium there is only ONE LANE, so looking to your left or your right really is POINTLESS. Just keep running…keep walking, keep crawling, keep stopping to drink water and resting..because it won’t change the outcome; inevitably you WILL WIN, because you are the only one on the track. If you understand this principle..your life and your career WILL change.

From Michaela, who went to Wales, and felt sand in her feet, and sea on her thighs and knees.


5 Responses to “It’s May 22nd today…THIS IS FOR THE FELLOW ARTISTS”

  1. D. May 23, 2011 at 10:33 pm #

    i love reading Michaela, if you’d write a book (if God’s willing) let me know, i’ll buy it.

  2. Ikesha May 23, 2011 at 5:41 pm #

    Good words x

  3. Spirit May 23, 2011 at 9:04 am #

    Well said Michaela. Timely message for me also. I’m not really an artiste but much of this REALLY applies.


  4. Lape ; ) May 23, 2011 at 8:16 am #

    I love it-such an encouragement to keep running on the only lane there is!

  5. Lyrical Soldier May 22, 2011 at 11:13 pm #

    That was a timely message! God Bless you!

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