Michaela Coel wins Laurence Olivier Award! (DSD Part 36) READ TO THE BOTTOM!! X

12 Jul

Hello Hello HELLO!!!

Okay…so I’ve finally reached the end of my 2nd year. This means no more lessons; all that takes place in the 3rd year is rehearsing for our public shows, and of course; being IN the public shows. It’s finally becoming real…
If you’ve kept up with my blogs, (and managed to catch some blogs I’ve later deleted after concluding some things were too personal for the internet) you’ll know the last 2 years have been a pretty stressful high impact ride. After my most recent performance at Guildhall (we did Antony & Cleopatra, I played Octavia), as usual I had notes/feedback/criticism after…all I heard was this:


And as much as I fought and cried about it…I had to quickly accept that it was true. Flying to Rotterdam to perform days before school performances and intense weeks is actually quite stupid, I rarely even perform these days, but the little I do really stresses me out when combined with Drama School.

But…I won’t STOP…the rewards make the stress worthwhile. Why listen to ANYONE who tells you you can’t do two things at one time? I swear I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me?! Or am I making that up?!

Everybody wants your all but WHO SAYS you should give it to them? You’re not a rope to be pulled left and right; It’s your time, and your life, YOU manage it how YOU wanna manage it, and if you make a mistake trying to multi-task; at least you know you’re responsible for it.

As for educational institutions, sometimes they can be a little bit ignorant and not realise that outside of whatever school they’ve established a civilisation in there is a whole other world of people that perhaps took a different path and still reached the goal point…so I’ll just do my thing, and if that means I’m not liked/valued correctly and don’t get lead parts in the plays then so be it.

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A few weeks ago I was selected along with another guy in my class to compete for the Laurence Olivier Bursary Award; 2 students from every drama school in the UK compete for it, and there are 2-4 winners of the main Laurence Olivier Award. The audition process made me SO EXCITED but really NERVOUS…Standing on a West End Theatre stage by yourself; performing a Shakespeare monologue, then a modern monologue, and singing a song, all in front of a panel of 6 (not just a ‘panel of 6’..but six of some of the UK’s most established casting directors and theatre owners)
I’ve never really acted on a stage in my life so this was just a lot of things

But I woke up in the morning really excited, seeing all the different people from other drama schools..it was just so nice to get out and see people from other places! And I was just as excited whilst waiting in the wings to go on.. then I went on… and I enjoyed it! My prop must have fallen out of my pocket so I ended up performing with an invisible napkin which was a hilarious surprise. Also, the pianist couldn’t find my sheet music so I had to randomly sing Nina Simone ‘Strange Fruit’ acapella …another hilarious surprise that left me peacefully content with the fact that my lack of professionalism had fluffed up everything.

After the performances, the panel interviewed me, I just remember rambling on about Shakespeare, and talking about how I perform poetry and sing, and told them how I’ve performed around the world even since I’ve been in school. They asked me what actors inspired me: without thought Nikki Amuka Bird, Patterson Joseph, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Mélanie Laurent; three of my favourite actors sprang out from my mouth, I can’t even describe the feeling of freedom I had, it was a mad one.

They asked about my money situation; I told them I was getting a student loan next year (for the first time in this entire degree)..so I figured I wouldn’t win anything but went home thinking ‘this is one of the best days I’ve had in the last 3 years).

3 days later…I found out I’d won the main award. Don’t even know what to say; the relief..the gratitude to God, He always makes sure you reap what you sow…

No matter how much people take from you; if it’s not rightfully theirs YOU WILL GET IT BACK, and THEY WILL LOSE IT; might not be now; but eventually that’s what happens; just the way the world works; you reap what you sow!

Thank you to SOLT (Society of London Theatre); the organisation that gave me this award: SOLT

So yeah..erm more news; my new website www.MICHAELACOEL.com is being launched on the 8th August…to celebrate that, here is a video of a performance I did a couple weeks ago with a private studio audience!

Hope you like it!!!

Here’s to friendship, educating yourself…and strength.

Michaela Coel


3 Responses to “Michaela Coel wins Laurence Olivier Award! (DSD Part 36) READ TO THE BOTTOM!! X”

  1. Linda July 13, 2011 at 6:59 pm #

    Congratulations on the award Michaela! That’s big!! The first half of this blog is so true. Keep doing what you’re inspired and compelled to do. Don’t worry about the naysayers. x

  2. Rachel July 13, 2011 at 12:37 am #

    gwarn girl do it for all them unsigned artists!
    Congrats on the award x

  3. Susannah laing July 12, 2011 at 9:30 pm #

    i think you are amazing and wonderful, strong and my Rock! i wouldnt have made it with out you…..and you wouldnt have made it without me….lol:):):)

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