Chewing Gum Dreams… just rambling thought I’d share.

1 Feb


We embraced living within our means. We were the youth of Britain, we didn’t want to be ‘rich’, or ‘okay’ or ‘white’ anymore, and so we decided that black would be more different from white than the white people could ever imagine. And if you were white and lived on an estate, you were black. Together we were hooded aliens. We spread our paper wings and flew as high as the low ceilings would allow us. The top floor on the estate was our highest cloud. When it rained, it poured, and London would flood, but our estates were so high we weren’t touched by a drop. So the plants never grew. But it was a fair exchange because no one drowned… we just sunk a little … sometimes.

We wanted lyrics, not music, and we learned every bar and screamed them till their ears died. Their ears did eye. Every single one and pair of them. And then they never heard us anymore, they don’t hear us anymore, they’ll never hear us again.

But we’re still screaming


Michaela Coel x



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