Chewing Gum Dreams (DSD pt 39)

12 Feb

Hey Guys,

Whitney Houston was one of the best female singers to be born on this planet and dominate the commercial music scene. Her talent was phenomenal, her voice leaves me in awe. My prayers and thoughts go out to her daughter, and the rest of her family. Another one of the greatest musical talents to step foot on the earth and dominate the commercial industry, gone.Image

Because I’m still sort of in this ‘Chewing Gum Dreams’ mode, I started thinking about Whitney’s childhood, I obviously don’t know her personally, but she clearly had dreams and aspirations…a quote from an interview with Oprah only three weeks ago reads “It was [drugs] everyday. I didn’t think about the singing part

Sometimes when you aim for the sky, you end up in a cloud so blindingly white you can’t see very sky your in anymore. I wondered who the first person was that offered her drugs and inwardly cursed them.

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I guess I see this as a wake up call, and maybe we all should; to stick to the goal- write your vision, make it clear and try not to let anything take you off course from it. Easier said then done, half the goals we’ve made in life we’ve probably already abandoned.

Chewing Gum Dreams is about a community of people that abandon their dreams (those REAL dreams, that require dedication and persistence and lead to long term rewards) for temporary highs; for living in a council flat to get away from their parents, for quick money, clothes, fame (the dreams that lead to instant gratification and nothing else).

This is a wake up call to GRAB HOLD OF YOUR DREAM, whatever you call it; your ‘vision’ maybe, and WORK your arse off toward it. My friend said something at rehearsals that stuck in my head last night; she said ‘some people just sit back and everything comes to them’ and it’s true; some people were born into the right families, into a relatively good financial situation, sent to the right schools..but the rest of us weren’t. I am living toward my vision because I have to, if I don’t  I’m basically..don’t even have time to think about that- but you know what?

I’m so frickin glaaaaad that my arse is this way, because this struggle shapes a person; it builds character; it gives strength; in the most incredible way, it’s shows what love, grace and favour is; to the students of the crappiest schools in the UK it grants is the beautiful struggle.

That is however, if you choose to struggle; if you sit back and just settle because maybe it’s too Imagehard to do a 180 on your circumstances or there’s too much temporary ‘fun’ to be had, then you’ll stay where you are, and that’s cool, if that’s what you WANT.

Is it what you want?

If the answer is yes, then you can press the ‘x’ button that will close this page, don’t bother reading any further. If the answer is ‘no’, let today be the day you get the heck up and start scratching away at that door that locks you out of a state of BEING you a trying to BE – IN. It’s a big door, I know, and it’s been bolted, double locked and alarm fitted since the day you were born, but if you just start scratching at it, and find a method and don’t stop, eventually the wood/stone will wear out… if it’s metal, use your insides, your fire and your spark! Melt it down! If it’s glass, dare to frickin use your mind and head butt the thing so it smashes like one of those martial artists on wood…! Be careful though :-S

My point is…it’s already in you, been there since you were born, it’s been there as long as the door has been there it’s just easier to stare at such a massive obstacle and be negative about it rather than make it disappear. MAKE IT DISAPPEAR.

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Love Michaela


One Response to “Chewing Gum Dreams (DSD pt 39)”

  1. Kim Ian Rogers February 12, 2012 at 9:14 pm #

    Whitney had a Christian upbringing and could have gone on to have a good life but made some bad choices. I suspect that it was her husband who turned her on to drugs but the real villains here are the the people in high places who are behind the drugs scene making lots of money, they never get caught. I am 70 years old and it breaks my heart when I look back at the number of young people Iv known personally who’s lives have been ruined by drink and drugs. I would like to think that Whitney was a Christian and that though she made some wrong choices she was still trusting in Gods forgiveness in Jesus. I could never see her as an evil person.

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