KEEP GOING!!! (Drama School Diaries Part 40)

3 Apr

*Long Sigh*


I’m soooo happy to be able to say IT IS THE END OF EASTER TERM!!! We only have a 6 days off but given the fact that I’ve been in rehearsals every bloomin’ day, 6 days feels like 6 weeks!

This term I wrote, directed and acted in a one woman show, played 6 different characters in Charles Dicken’s Nicholas Nickleby, formed a proposal to a theatre company to have my solo piece on their stage, worked out every bloody day and continued to obey my teachers and stay away from the clippers (my hair almost propa normal now!!)…

Where’s it gotten me? Nowhere yet… but hey…I’m thinking might get me somewhere, so I’m just going to keep trying and working my newly tight butt off!

Whatever it is you do, whether you’re an actor trying to break through the glass ceiling, a city worker trying to get to the next level, a teacher trying to get better results…whatever…we all have moments when it just seems like you chose the worst path in life possible because NOTHING IS WORKING OUT.

I’d love to say I have great words of comfort and encouragement but I don’t.. I really don’t. Life is unfair, it is full of injustices, contra-bloody-dictions and lies… but there are other things life is full of too; it’s full of opportunities to become wiser… chances to grow, it’s fullness lies in that one person that adores you (Mum, partner, whoever).

This is the thing about life… it’s not the same for everyone. For others, they don’t have to climb a massive hill just to get through the door, the road to the door is flatland, it’s a doddle, maybe those people live next door to you, are related to you, are employed in your workplace or go to your school. It’s tempting to want to just pop over and walk that road but you have to understand that that road is inaccessible to you. Because it’s not your life.

Your path is hilly…maybe there is one particular hill, that hill is high, it’s steep- and your legs are weak. I really want you to understand that you have to go through walking that horrible hill! And what is the point in wasting time sulking and crying whilst you do it?! When you reach the top you get to lie down and rollllll down it like a little child before the next one comes! People on flatland don’t get to do THAT ;-D

I’m a cyclist, (as you probably know), and on the A12 route to Stratford there is a roundabout, I can either go round with the cars (flatland) or I can go straight above it on this ridiculously high hill. Guess what option I take? I take the HILL!! Sooo many benefits:

I get to just roll down the hill without peddling, I lift up one arm to feel the breeze in my sweaty armpits and it is pure BLISS..Also…I get a massive workout on my legs (which means my legs will look BETTER 🙂

Now I’m sure I don’t have to break down that metaphor for you. In the meantime, here is a song!! Enjoy!!

Oh, and the hook to a song I wrote YEARS ago (Coffee In The Morning) goes like this:

A confidence destroyed twice is a confidence rebuilt three times

Get back up.. you’ll be like you… but the new version! “You” version 2.3 … or whatever number you’d like to have…erm yeah… BYE. Oh- and this:




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  1. Davina April 4, 2012 at 2:42 pm #

    Colossians 3:17, 23


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