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BLURRED LINES (The Shed, National Theatre)

16 Jan


I’ll keep it brief because it’s 7 minutes to midnight, I’ve just consumed a LOT of biscuits and I’m curling over my laptop as we speak wondering why I’m  browsing the internet with crumbs falling into my keypad instead of curling into my bed.

I’m in a play, it’s a devised play under the leadership of two wonderful people; the magnificent director Carrie Cracknell (Doll’s House, Young Vic/West End) and brilliant writer Nick Payne (Constellations, Royal Court), our movement director is Ann Yee (The Colour Purple) she’s incredible too!

It’s called BLURRED LINES, and yes, it’s in …. honour of Robin Thicke and his apparent big …song that sold millions of records, a song about a girl who he is smoothly trying to convince that ‘she knows she wants it’…a song in which T.I later kindly offers to split her arse in two, Pharell sophisticatedly singing about how much he hates the blurred lines (of sexual consent) all the while.

I kinda like this song, I also kinda hate it when I think about it. The same way I kinda like this society but also kinda hate it when I really think about it. The sense of power and control of the opportunities you have become few and far between when you’re working class, elderly. a shade other than white, a woman, overweight, too short too tall, the list goes on.

We’ve been creating this play full time for 5 weeks now. Heavily inspired by novelist Kat Banyard’s THE EQUALITY ILLUSION. It’s been a challenge… partly because rather than my race and class being intertwined with my gender, over the last few weeks I’ve often felt like I was betraying my race/class by concerning myself with gender issues; the race angel going “OI! We were slaves, negro!” and the angel of poverty going “MATE! FEMINISM DOES NOT CONCERN ITSELF WITH OUR COUNCIL FLAT!” … and then on Sunday I saw 12 Years A Slave and flippin’ heck did it make me question why the hell I was opening my mouth to even tell someone the time.

But I guess when I watch the beautiful Lupita Nyong’o in 12 Years A Slave and look at what has become of a generation of females so closely linked to a tangled mess of slavery rape and violence (the blood ties are strong; the last DOCUMENTED race led lynching was in 1981, 7 years before I was born) I cannot help but think maybe I can open my mouth a fraction?

Kat Banyard says the definition of beauty for our modern world is a young white woman with big boobs and no pubic hair,  looking at our current society (including myself) I can see the…pardon me… the mess we women have made of ourselves… with our weave and our contact lenses and our choice of black female idols. We’ve made a real mess…and before it goes any further I, Michaela Coel am taking out my weave, my contact lenses, my deeply rooted desire to be someone so physically distant from myself ; I’m tangling them up and throwing them down the stairs with the stupidly high heels, oops, they all broke. GOOD (you’ll get the stairs thing when you see the show!). And it’s not that I CAN’T wear them…I guess what makes them unhealthy for me is the ideology that they make me look ‘better’…why? Why? Argh! *Slams-digestive-bisucits-into-forehead*

In the rehearsals and in the play itself I keep hearing this notion of being ‘objectified’ by men… I think we’re in a different phase now…now we also objectify ourselves. We ‘complain‘ that rappers don’t make us the centre point of their over sexualised music videos, we complain that we’ve been replaced by the Latino girl with the big boobs or the white girl with the oversized arse, and we are upset that we are no longer being objectified by the media…what a strange starting point…that it is a GOOD thing to be publicly sexualised? To want to appear as nothing more than a hairless, pale body of  innocence (and yet experience) with a hole at the bottom of the torso? Bloody hell.

And that’s just the surface, the last month or so we’ve explored image, the media and its reinforcement of stereotypes and inequality, the family, work, relationships…we’ve gone all over the shop and it’s been “‘mazing” but it’s now half midnight so I’ll jump ahead.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I hear it’s all relative; that we have a right to be dissatisfied, and furthermore a right to complain, regardless of how much we have, if we can’t get it all, we have a right. I’m still not sure. I’m still not sure how I feel about this. One of the beautiful things about the rehearsal process for this play is that there is almost NO conclusion, there is no fence to sit on and there are no sides…or too many sides, no blacks or whites, it’s just millions of bloody greys and I still don’t know! In other parts of the world women are having their genitals mutilated while others are being stoned to death for having mobile phones…should we be devising plays about gender inequality in a society where we have the right to vote, to have iPADS, to wear what we want, to insert into and remove what we want from our bodies, fly planes, be millionaires?

If the building (the flat, workplace, whatever)  you’re sitting in as you read this started to flood, and before you knew it you were knee deep in ice cold water would you just sit there and continue reading this blog or would you want something done about it? For those who would sit there and say “other people in the world are drowning as we speak, I should be grateful that I only have mild pneumonia and it’s only a dog, other people have lost children” then there’s a possibility you won’t see  the necessity of this play…you might hate the things that slightly aggrieve some of us and you’ll probably scoff at the things that we find kinda funny…for those of you who think “shit it’s cold, crap, my dog’s dead…I want this fixed” then I guess I’ll see you at The Shed for a piece of work that maybe you’ll find a little bit important in a non-wanky genuinely important for this generation kinda way.

See you there…the show runs in The Shed Theatre from the 16th January till the 23rd February


Erm… can you bring Steve McQueen with you? ….Just saying…I wouldn’t be against that?

Michaela xxx


God Bless the Child

9 May

Morning and Yo!

I was actually holding off on this blog because I thought the postman would arrive at 1pm, but he arrived at 7.30am instead! No better way to write a blog than with an unwashed mouth and yesterday’s make up so with poor grammar and a groggy head to compliment the former I may as well crack on.

Today, Chewing Gum Dreams begins to place it’s bubble butt bottom on book shelves all around the UK, and all over the world through the power of Amazon and Amazon Kindle. If I never bothered saying it before- I got a publishing deal with Oberon Books. Continue reading

Chewing Gum Dreams – Alfred Fagon Award – 2012.

24 Nov

Hello Everyone!

I haven’t blogged here in such a long time I’ve kind of forgotten how to do it so forgive me if this babble lacks whatever usually keeps your attention on this site.

I’m used to only having little bits of good news that would pale in comparison to my sad life unless I big it up by magnifying it times five on every social medium available. Right now I’m thankful to have a lot of good news, although a bit baffed as to what to do with it all.

In August I submitted Chewing Gum Dreams for the Alfred Fagon Award, I am pleased to say I found out 2 weeks ago I won it. I was presented the award by Doreen Lawrence OBE (Stephen Lawrence’s beautiful Mother). She was lovely; humble, with that same quiet strength we have been distant witnesses of for so many years. Continue reading


3 Jun

Remember when we were younger…? Kano, Craig David, D-Dark, Sizzla, Sweet Female Attitude, Purple Haze and Shola Ama…remember the fights on the back of the bus; house parties because we had no idea how to get fake ID’s for raves; Chinese print leggings and hoodie to match; the first wave of New Era Caps, Air Rifts and Pink Timberland’s; wearing dummies for fashion, gelling baby hair on our foreheads, jamming outside Dalston Shopping Centre or Hackney Town Hall waiting…for anything. Remember the babies born by girls just in time for GCSE’s; remember the babies lost to kitchen knives dripping with revenge and the need for acceptance…

If you remember, if you’ve forgotten, if you never knew, keep reading… Continue reading

Michaela Coel plays Lysistrata at The Albany (DSD Part 41)

29 Apr

Hey Guys!

Really excited to tell you about what will be my FINAL play at The Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

We will be performing the Greek play Lysistrata and I’m very excited to be cast as her! Lysistrata is the strongest woman in Athens with an even stronger sense of individual responsibility; by taking matters into her own hands and convincing every woman in Greece to withhold sex from their husbands she attempts to end the interminable Peloponnesian War between Athens and Sparta…
It’s a classic war of the sexes, filled with testosterone, oestrogen, great debate, beautiful women and 10.5 inch ceramic erections.
Yep… seriously

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’ll be on at The Albany and YOU as the audience will be in for many surprises! The seats are seriously LIMITED! There are only 106 seats and they are selling FAST– I’m not playing- I warned you with Chewing Gum Dreams and I’m hoping those of you who were too late and missed that play have learned your lesson in time for this next one.  Do NOT miss one of these performances:
Directed by Owen Horsley (Associate Director of Cheek By Jowl)
Showing at 7.30pm on the following dates
Monday 14th of May – Thursday 17th of May
also showing at 2pm on the following dates
Tuesday 15th May & Thursday 17th May
For Tickets:

Red Letter (with lyrics)

4 Apr



I flew to the sky

And now I’m stuck in the bottom,

They knew my name

Now I guess they’ve forgotten,

I mastered the slave,

Now I’m stuck picking cotton,

Then I called Your Name

And all I heard was nothing


Your remedy is what makes me feel better

You walked inside me and live in disguise here

Die and rise in You


It only gets tougher trying to be a greater person,

When I self-heal my wounds all the pain seems to worsen,

Don’t need your money and I don’t need your sermon,

Oh, the touch of a Dove that is what I am yearning


Your remedy is what makes me feel better

Breathing the words of Your bloody red letter

You walked inside me and live in disguise here

You inside me and I’ll die and rise in You


Injected some love in fear that I snorted,

I got blood on my hands, I’ve got oil on my forehead.

What we can’t whisper let’s please leave it unsaid,

Instead may I exchange my filth for your bloody red letter

Your remedy is what makes me feel better

Your rememdy is what makes me feel better

Die and rise in You.

KEEP GOING!!! (Drama School Diaries Part 40)

3 Apr

*Long Sigh*


I’m soooo happy to be able to say IT IS THE END OF EASTER TERM!!! We only have a 6 days off but given the fact that I’ve been in rehearsals every bloomin’ day, 6 days feels like 6 weeks!

This term I wrote, directed and acted in a one woman show, played 6 different characters in Charles Dicken’s Nicholas Nickleby, formed a proposal to a theatre company to have my solo piece on their stage, worked out every bloody day and continued to obey my teachers and stay away from the clippers (my hair almost propa normal now!!)…

Where’s it gotten me? Nowhere yet… but hey…I’m thinking might get me somewhere, so I’m just going to keep trying and working my newly tight butt off!

Whatever it is you do, whether you’re an actor trying to break through the glass ceiling, a city worker trying to get to the next level, a teacher trying to get better results…whatever…we all have moments when it just seems like you chose the worst path in life possible because NOTHING IS WORKING OUT.

I’d love to say I have great words of comfort and encouragement but I don’t.. I really don’t. Life is unfair, it is full of injustices, contra-bloody-dictions and lies… but there are other things life is full of too; it’s full of opportunities to become wiser… chances to grow, it’s fullness lies in that one person that adores you (Mum, partner, whoever).

This is the thing about life… it’s not the same for everyone. For others, they don’t have to climb a massive hill just to get through the door, the road to the door is flatland, it’s a doddle, maybe those people live next door to you, are related to you, are employed in your workplace or go to your school. It’s tempting to want to just pop over and walk that road but you have to understand that that road is inaccessible to you. Because it’s not your life.

Your path is hilly…maybe there is one particular hill, that hill is high, it’s steep- and your legs are weak. I really want you to understand that you have to go through walking that horrible hill! And what is the point in wasting time sulking and crying whilst you do it?! When you reach the top you get to lie down and rollllll down it like a little child before the next one comes! People on flatland don’t get to do THAT ;-D

I’m a cyclist, (as you probably know), and on the A12 route to Stratford there is a roundabout, I can either go round with the cars (flatland) or I can go straight above it on this ridiculously high hill. Guess what option I take? I take the HILL!! Sooo many benefits:

I get to just roll down the hill without peddling, I lift up one arm to feel the breeze in my sweaty armpits and it is pure BLISS..Also…I get a massive workout on my legs (which means my legs will look BETTER 🙂

Now I’m sure I don’t have to break down that metaphor for you. In the meantime, here is a song!! Enjoy!!

Oh, and the hook to a song I wrote YEARS ago (Coffee In The Morning) goes like this:

A confidence destroyed twice is a confidence rebuilt three times

Get back up.. you’ll be like you… but the new version! “You” version 2.3 … or whatever number you’d like to have…erm yeah… BYE. Oh- and this:



Chewing Gum Dreams (DSD pt 39)

12 Feb

Hey Guys,

Whitney Houston was one of the best female singers to be born on this planet and dominate the commercial music scene. Her talent was phenomenal, her voice leaves me in awe. My prayers and thoughts go out to her daughter, and the rest of her family. Another one of the greatest musical talents to step foot on the earth and dominate the commercial industry, gone.Image

Because I’m still sort of in this ‘Chewing Gum Dreams’ mode, I started thinking about Whitney’s childhood, I obviously don’t know her personally, but she clearly had dreams and aspirations…a quote from an interview with Oprah only three weeks ago reads “It was [drugs] everyday. I didn’t think about the singing part

Sometimes when you aim for the sky, you end up in a cloud so blindingly white you can’t see very sky your in anymore. I wondered who the first person was that offered her drugs and inwardly cursed them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I guess I see this as a wake up call, and maybe we all should; to stick to the goal- write your vision, make it clear and try not to let anything take you off course from it. Easier said then done, half the goals we’ve made in life we’ve probably already abandoned.

Chewing Gum Dreams is about a community of people that abandon their dreams (those REAL dreams, that require dedication and persistence and lead to long term rewards) for temporary highs; for living in a council flat to get away from their parents, for quick money, clothes, fame (the dreams that lead to instant gratification and nothing else).

This is a wake up call to GRAB HOLD OF YOUR DREAM, whatever you call it; your ‘vision’ maybe, and WORK your arse off toward it. My friend said something at rehearsals that stuck in my head last night; she said ‘some people just sit back and everything comes to them’ and it’s true; some people were born into the right families, into a relatively good financial situation, sent to the right schools..but the rest of us weren’t. I am living toward my vision because I have to, if I don’t  I’m basically..don’t even have time to think about that- but you know what?

I’m so frickin glaaaaad that my arse is this way, because this struggle shapes a person; it builds character; it gives strength; in the most incredible way, it’s shows what love, grace and favour is; to the students of the crappiest schools in the UK it grants is the beautiful struggle.

That is however, if you choose to struggle; if you sit back and just settle because maybe it’s too Imagehard to do a 180 on your circumstances or there’s too much temporary ‘fun’ to be had, then you’ll stay where you are, and that’s cool, if that’s what you WANT.

Is it what you want?

If the answer is yes, then you can press the ‘x’ button that will close this page, don’t bother reading any further. If the answer is ‘no’, let today be the day you get the heck up and start scratching away at that door that locks you out of a state of BEING you a trying to BE – IN. It’s a big door, I know, and it’s been bolted, double locked and alarm fitted since the day you were born, but if you just start scratching at it, and find a method and don’t stop, eventually the wood/stone will wear out… if it’s metal, use your insides, your fire and your spark! Melt it down! If it’s glass, dare to frickin use your mind and head butt the thing so it smashes like one of those martial artists on wood…! Be careful though :-S

My point is…it’s already in you, been there since you were born, it’s been there as long as the door has been there it’s just easier to stare at such a massive obstacle and be negative about it rather than make it disappear. MAKE IT DISAPPEAR.

For an article on Chewing Gum Dreams by “London Lit In A Hurry”
Click here

Love Michaela

CHEWING GUM DREAMS (My First Play- DSD pt 38)

17 Jan

The 67 bus, friendship, violence, Lindon Estate, sex, friendship, UK garage, school, music, teachers, friendship, periods, emergency contraceptive, arse and tits, friendship, raves, tampons, white boys, mum and dad, God, money. Friendship.Image
Tracey Gordon is the school girl shouting at the back of the bus, who insults a teacher so acutely they cry in their office during lunch break, who bullies those as unfortunate as herself, who raves in house parties from Hackney to Tottenham, who once wanted more from life than looking after her mother, who had dreams once, but killed them in exchange for a 1st Generation iPod. And found love, and resolution in unexpected places.

Boisterous, sharp, and moving. Chewing Gum Dreams is a coming of age one-girl play that recalls four consecutive days in Tracey Gordon’s life that lead to the onset of her adulthood.

*posh grown up voice* I hereby invite you to CHEWING GUM DREAMS, my FIRST EVER PLAY!! I’m so happy and so proud to be able to post this because I’ve been working bloomin’ hard the last few months, so hard that I’ve neglected you! I’m so sorry! I think the details of this post will make up for it!Image

It’s part of a show called ‘One.‘ alongside three one-man plays (written by Jherad Alleyne, Kevin Phelan, and SImon Blackhall).9th FEBRUARY 6PM
10th FEBRUARY 2PM and 6PM

♥ Admission is FREE but spaces are very LIMITED (seriously)

♥ To reserve your place email with your
Full Name
Date / Time

YOU MUST AWAIT A CONFIRMATION. If you don’t get a confirmation email your name is NOT DOWN !


SEE YOU THERE…It’s gonna be revolutionary.

WORK HARD!!! Don’t IGNORE this. (DSD Part 37)

30 Aug


It’s now been 2 years since Fixing Barbie and boy oh boy have things changed; Mainly due to school I talk and even walk differently, I look different,  my voice has changed, my writing style has changed, my music family has changed, I even have some different friends. Continue reading

No…I Haven’t Graduated Yet. (Drama School Diary Part 35)

27 Jun

I’ve been at Guildhall for 2 years now…I didn’t realise how intense the course would be or how much I would have to put aside my entire life to get the most out of it and truly learn from my training (hence why I haven’t blogged a DSD since NOVEMBER!) but I’m making it, and I’m doing it, and it’s looking like I’m finishing. That’s right. I’m not dropping out.

If you know a decent bit about me, you’ll know that I dropped out of college, dropped out of university, then went back and dropped out of the same university again. Me and the educational system haven’t exactly been in constant perfect harmony, and I’m not the kind of person who ‘sticks things out’ in order to finish at a dead end with wasted years, a certificate and a silly looking hat; I’d rather preoccupy myself with figuring out what I’m SUPPOSED to be doing. Continue reading


11 Nov

Hello sticky-toffee pies and sweet pea-people!!

Kept the last couple Drama School Diaries  diaries private to avoid getting into trouble (though I do a bad job of that in itself, but still… 😉 ) Continue reading

Drama School Diaries (DSD) Part 30

23 Oct

Hey guys,

Yesterday we had the third school play…today is notes day…one side of my doesn’t really care about the notes…I couldn’t give a monkeys…the technique I’m trying to adopt is don’t protest to anything; sit there, take it, agree with it and leave. Because either way; their opinion albeit good or bad doesn’t really mean much; it’s just one persons opinion, if there’s something I can learn nestled in there, fine; but if there’s nothing, I’ll dust the sand off my feet and keep walking. Continue reading

Drama School Diaries (DSD) Part 29

10 Oct

Hey Guys!

Hope everyone’s doing well, and that you’re week has been even better than the week you had before you read my last Diary.

Mine has been. Resolution. I decided last week to actively make my thoughts about school positive (which is HARD) but I did, and things have been so much better, I’ve enjoyed classes more, and I’m just over the shock of being..BACK.

You know the teacher I mentioned (more like wrote an 8000 word essay on) in my last few diaries?  Well, another teacher and I ended up chatting for an hour and it got deep so I brought it up…she warned me that when talking to men and addressing a ‘problem’ you have with them, you must be DIRECT and to the point, no fluffy round the round about over the hill stuff (and I’m a poet, so you know that’s hard). She said I should say that “A occurred, which left me feeling B, and I’d like to express that to you so you are aware”. She told me not to try and get him to see where he did wrong or apologise, she told me not to even get him to remotely ‘understand’ because it’s not likely he will. Continue reading

Drama School Diaries (DSD) Part 28

27 Sep

I’ve been at school for 2 weeks already…I just haven’t blogged because I was finding it really hard to put into words how I’ve been finding 2nd year..

2nd year..the one in between the 1st and the 3rd…yep Continue reading

“I’VE FINISHED MY FIRST YEAR!” Drama School Diaries (DSD) Part 27

27 Jul


Didn’t it go by quickly..I can’t believe it…there was May 22nd 2009 and when I found out I got in..September 12th when I first went there as a student…and now…officially finished my first year.

I was trying to recap in my head the process and I kind of can for once.

Never in my life have I learnt so much about the world in such a short space of time. I’ve met people and been to places that had it not been for Guildhall I would have NEVER met or been to. It’s had difficult’s had amazing times, but on the whole, I have loved every single minute, and those little nooks and crannies I detested seem to be the ones that have been the most fruitful in terms of my growth as an individual. Continue reading

Drama School Diaries (DSD) Part 26

13 Jul

Okay, so i’ve just had my notes with (let’s call him..) DC; the 6th teacher to give me feedback on my part in the showings last week (Chekhov The Sea-Gull). My notes have been good, encouraging, and beneficial my technical problem was that at times I pushed my voice and at other times I wasn’t ‘on voice’ enough, also sometimes my body tightened up a bit. The rest of my feedback has been great to be honest, so in I go with DC to have another ‘notes’ session. You’ll have read in my previous blogs about my journey with criticism (criticism is good!). However..

I’ve been left challenged

I’ve been left confused

I’ve been left upset

I’ve been left infused Continue reading

Boys, Girls & Dignity

11 Jul

Something I wrote a couple of years ago; it’s meaning is returning to me…here it is.

Most of all, I regret not realizing I was worth more than this my darling Situation,
And that if I’m connecting with God…I’m not connecting with you.
I’ve become literate again and can read the sign on my forehead that reads ‘she’s full of desperation’ Continue reading

You homie…thanks babes.

9 Jul

Apologies for any randomness…I’m honestly NOT used to talking in front of camera’s dudes. And why on earth youtube wiped out the .com at the end of http://www.michaelathepoet is beyond my lifings. Nevertheless be indulged

Much Love,
Hold tite you cupcake!


Drama School Diaries (DSD) Part 25

8 Jul

Yo yo yagga yo yo yo!!!

Hey guYS!! I know I know I know you have missed me dearly and have DEFINITELY noticed my blogging absence the last 2 weeks (obviously!!) Continue reading

Drama School Diaries (DSD) Part 24

21 Jun


Hope you’re well and dandy, I am now 4 weeks away from finishing my first year in Drama School!!!! I can’t believe, my friends and family can’t believe it! I finished a year! I never took a day off!! Is this really me? Yes it is. I now understand what it means to get an education. I hated University…it just didn’t work for me. Dropping out (twice) was the best thing I ever did. And for those who look down on us drop-outs they can throw pie in their face because everyone works differently! I didn’t realise education was something I could earnestly ADORE, something I couldn’t get enough of…something that was a good challenge!

Anywho…as I’ve mentioned in previous DSD’s, my group are working on a play called ‘The Sea-Gull’ by Chekhov. This weekend, our director, the fantastic Christian Burgess took us to…..

THE COUNTRY-SIDE!!! Continue reading

Drama School Diaries (DSD) Part 23

15 Jun

I have this bad habit, this habit is common to a certain type of person, but definitely not relative to all.  I love going to the gym right (not during school time as we’re not allowed)? Now when I go, I can’t just go once a week: I’ll go everyday; I make sure I get in my car and drive half an hour to the gym every single day without fail. Even Sunday’s brethren; I wake up 4 hours earlier and work out, shower at the leisure centre and go straight to church. I make sure I do at least the same time on the cross trainer that I did the day before and aim for one more set of weight exercises.

It’s the exact same with my work ethic: I love over-aiming for productivity. I have this inherent desire to run myself down to the ground even when I don’t necessarily need to…you never need to do you? I cut out all the middle-man tat such as keeping a diary, or doing background research or exercises that I have concluded aren’t economic enough and just get straight to the meat…and keep stuffing it down my face…and stuffing and belching and choking and stuffing, until my stomach’s eyes crash from their sockets. And I throw everything up on top of a heap of Personality Type A vomit that I still haven’t cleaned up from the last time this self-inflicted ordeal occurred. Continue reading

Drama School Diaries (DSD) Part 22

8 Jun

This is a quick one.

When you feel a little depressed (and I don’t just mean the type of depression diagnosed by doctors; not just the kind that science can treat, I mean spiritual emotion mental and physical depression) because you are tired of where you are at. You remember days when you actually ENJOYED being where you are, and you wonder what’s happened. Why all of a sudden all you feel is total frustration remember this… Continue reading

Drama School Diaries (DSD) Part 21

7 Jun

Right…So I realise I’ve been prancing around drama school, doing gigs
(Most recent; The Writer’s Lounge, The Flyover Show, even gave a speech at my cousin Guvna B’s birthday). I’ve been going to eat in my local restaurants, buying food from my local M&S/Tesco…seeing old friends, networking with familiar associates…but something’s been pressing upon my mind like a stay at home wife’s fingers on dough…something I haven’t quite explained but keep meaning to; but don’t, because technically I have no reason to justify myself to any of you; but want to because I’m worried about all the thoughts going through your head when you look at me; but haven’t, because I gotta move on and deal with it….

It’s erm…it’s my hair.

For all those who haven’t seen me…my afro appears to have DISAPPEARED…let me explain…I’m gonna tell you what happened from the beginning. Before I start, just take a look at the picture above so you can see what my hair USED to look like…

Continue reading

Drama School Diaries (DSD) Part 20…Dedicated to Tracey

9 May

Hey Guys!!

Erm, once again, last weeks diary was kept private, sorry to withhold them from you, but I just can’t risk putting them online

And if you think the songs are about you; you’re probably wrong, get over it man.

This week has been pretty weird…recently a friend passed away after suffering from leukaemia (for God’s glory) and on Monday I helped out with her fundraiser ‘Tracey Says’ (that’s her name) to help raise money for ACLT and McMillan.

Continue reading

Drama School Diaries (DSD) Part 19

18 Apr

Hey Homies!

Parts 16, 17, and 18 HAVE BEEN LEFT PRIVATE INTENTIONALLY…don’t wanna cause controversy, and you guys know I have a tendency to do that without seeing it coming so here we go.

We’ve finished our second showing!!!! This was the ‘MODERN’ term; so our play was written in like 2005. The play was called ‘Breathing Corpses’ by Laura Wade (read it; it’s verrrry good writing) and the other group did a showing of Martin Crimps’ ‘The Country (fantaasssstic writing man!)
How thrilling!! I’m kinda glad it’s over. It was stressful…and I felt like it was a bit rushed; but I heard they do that on purpose. Continue reading

Drama School Diaries (DSD) Part 15

16 Apr

Hey Penguins!

How r you?!

This week I was at the BAFTA…(stands for British Academy of Film summink summink summink)
I bet you’re wondering why…lemme break it down like a producer flip-dip-dapping beat boxer–woah…that was pretty lame.

I played a lead role in a short film 2 years ago called ‘MALACHI’ and it was premiered there this week!
Now lots of people, I’m sure, will ask how in the world I ended up being in a film having NOT been an actor. Continue reading

Drama School Diaries (DSD) Part 14 (THERE WAS BEEF!!)

15 Apr

Hey Pookies!

Don’t watch the fact that I ain’t posted up one of these in a while. It’s all fine. I’m not breaking down…I’m still here!

So, as you know I go to Guildhall School of MUSIC and Drama…so there are two departments, and a corridor that divides the Musicians and the Drama Students. One of the teachers (Dina) decided to do this thing called LIFESWAP; where a Drama Student and a Music Student swap places! Great….. Continue reading

Drama School Diaries (DSD) Part 13

7 Mar


I’ve done the play!

The whole week of it was extremely stressful, I was waking up at 2am every night, I hadn’t learnt all of my lines, but you know sometimes when you’re stressed and you have NO IDEA that you’re actually stressed until…..

The day before the event myself, and 4 others stay behind real late to rehearse together. We go through the play, and my line is coming up, I mean, we’ve done it like a hundred times so it’s no biggie. But what happens to Michaela? Continue reading

Drama School Diaries (DS) Part 12

7 Mar

Hello Lovelies…

I’m hoping this will be a short one, mainly because I’m so knackered I’m actually trying to sleep at the moment lol, but I can’t so i thought…Lemme catch up with you guys.

One thing I’m learning right now is that one of the first things you have to learn in order to be a good leader, is that there are people who are not leaders that could lead better than you. Continue reading

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