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Michaela supports BLACK ICE at SPOKEN

8 Apr


As I’m sure you’ll all already know, on Friday I supported BLACK ICE THE POET in Amsterdam City Theatre at an event called SPOKEN. Continue reading


WORK HARD!!! Don’t IGNORE this. (DSD Part 37)

30 Aug


It’s now been 2 years since Fixing Barbie and boy oh boy have things changed; Mainly due to school I talk and even walk differently, I look different,  my voice has changed, my writing style has changed, my music family has changed, I even have some different friends. Continue reading

I’m In A Documentary!!

12 Aug

YO YO!!!

OUCH! HUSTLE! YEAH! SPRINKLES!!! WATCH. SHARE. LIKE. LOVE (if you want)…for it is for you…on a side note thank you for your support and love…

Michaela Coel


22 May

Hello Everyone! Continue reading


7 Jan


So TOMORROW i’m supporting JUNIOR GARR, an amazing musician and altogether lovely person at RUACH MINISTRIES

Jan 15th-16th I’ll be in Rotterdam performing again! so excited, this time it’s for MR.CLASH and other such things; here’s part of the press release

“…an unforgettable evening. With a line-up of Michaela, TAG, Robert Mitchell feat. Ntjam Rosie, Zapp 4 vs. DJ Git Hyper, Saravah Soul and DJ Swoolish, Mr. Clash will let you experience the artistic spirit of our times. A full-evening’s exclusive crossover concert in de Doelen’s most beautiful city crush room which provides a fascinating view of Rotterdam”

Flights on saturday! Argh! Here’s a cool virtual tour of the venue


and Jan 23rd I’ll be supporting Terri Walker

…more info if you watch the lovely slideshow I have broken my brain preparing for you, 🙂 I reckon things are always better when they are shiny , flashing , or moving.

I’d also like to say thank you to all who showed up to see my set at Love Lounge, my team and I had a lot of fun timings!!!!!

Here’s January for you in the form of moving pictures…pretend you are at an art gallery, it’s really all quite amazing..breathtaking I’d say.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So erm….guess I’ll see you around. I start drama school in a couple days so look out for more diaries 🙂

Michaela Performs in Rotterdam (Recap)/UPDATES!

20 Dec

So I’m back from Rotterdam!  As many of you know I had a weekend full of gigs and giddiness over there at the beginning of this month and here is a tiny little recap! Do you know what is good but terrible? Snow is. My flight got delayed, then cancelled (then cancelled, then delayed)  so I basically missed most of them, but MADE ONE THAT WAS AMAZING. Continue reading

Michaela’s Review of Janelle Monáe LIVE @ Shepherd’s Bush Empire

7 Dec


It’s 6 minutes after midnight…and there are a few things I should be doing before I go to bed; I need to write a blog on the gigs I had in Rotterdam (I WILL get to that tomorrow)..I need to call my producer to arrange my next studio session, use my exfoliating wipes and take my makeup off, find my headscarf to wrap my hair, think of more ways to sort out this life of mine that seems to be evermore creatively spiralling (…out of control). But there is something I need to blog about first…it’s Janelle Monáe. Continue reading

Bent and Broken Preview

23 Oct

Hey Guys,

For those of you who made it to my Thank You Jam, this might be familiar to you! You might even see yourself on camera! Thank you so much for your feedback family, God bless you; it’s really encouraging. Anyway, it’s me singing Bent and Broken; I wrote this one saturday night; 2 weeks before that night actually, and I just had to make sure I sung it on the day- it was a jam so it didn’t matter if I messed up, yes! It’s my first performance of this song! Please watch, enjoy, and share 🙂 (song kicks in at 1:15) Continue reading


31 Aug

Continue reading


20 Aug

I will protect you and keep the garlic and onions from your door.

All you gotta do is turn up to my thank you jam…who refuses a good present? NO ONE! Ohhhhhh yes!!!!! oh NO.

No no NO! I don’t love you…ohhhhh garsh…YES I can’t help it…like Bacon drizzling in oil fresh off the grill..

I do I say I do!

Michaela The Poet’s review on MARIO at the Indigo2

31 Jul

Hey !

So there were a few things I was supposed to do today; watch Eastenders on iPlayer, watch the UK version of that ‘Witches’ documentary on 4OD, put my gig dates in my calendar and sort out my spontaneous and somewhat clumsy lifestyle. I’m supposed to go out to the vegan cupcake shop before 12pm, I haven’t even done my blogs yet; I was supposed to write about ‘The Daddy Issue’ about ‘ASOS’, about ‘Online Dating’…but this blog is just distracting me….I have to get this out of my system. It’s terrible guys…this blog is a review on…. Continue reading

Michaela The Poet on Television!

28 Jul

Hey Guys!

In December 2009 I did  a studio recording and interview with Michael Owusu from the One To One Show! It comes on OHTV, Revelation TV, and I think another channel but I can’t remember, but guess why it doesn’t matter? BECAUSE NOW YOU CAN CATCH IT ONLINE! WOOHOOO…A website has made a deal with them and now has all the footage;

In the mean time, I’ve got a lovely surprise for you! Press play on the video below and say YAAAAAAY!!!!


A LORRA LORRA LORRA LOVING FOR A LONG LONG TIME…Don’t let anything stop you, and when they succeed in stopping your progress…take another route with A SMILE :-D…the smile is what kills the opposition!

Michaela The Poet

Michaela features @ RICH MIX Theatre for WALK DA WALK

28 Jul

Hey Guys,

Saturday just gone I had a gig, it was produced by a company called ‘RELEVANT GIRL’S’ and was called


Continue reading

Michaela The Poet features at OUTSPOKEN DANCE at SADLER’S WELLS

9 Jul

Hey Guys,

Today I recited at Sadler’s Wells, a very well-known theatre/dance venue in London. I’ve been home for about 2 hours, thinking, writing, smiling, and whatever else one does on the hype of returning from an awesome event.

I gotta give it to Ashleigh, she’s the organiser. I’ve been a feature at the annual Outspoken Dance production I believe 3 or 4 years in a row now, and every show I’ve done has been an awesome experience. Continue reading

You homie…thanks babes.

9 Jul

Apologies for any randomness…I’m honestly NOT used to talking in front of camera’s dudes. And why on earth youtube wiped out the .com at the end of http://www.michaelathepoet is beyond my lifings. Nevertheless be indulged

Much Love,
Hold tite you cupcake!


I Cut My Hair!

17 Jun

Hey Guys!

If you haven’t read my previous two blogs about my hair dilemma then please do. I decided to do it….I CUT IT OFF.

I went to have a consultation, and she explained that she’d cut the back and sides off, and I booked an appointment for Friday. As I left however, I realised there was nothing stopping me from doing it now. She only had one customer…and I thought to myself  ‘now or never Kayla’.

I walked back in the shop to a mental soundtrack (you know that Rocky song? Dum, dum dum dum, dum dum dum, dum  DUM DUMMMMMMM? It was that one). Continue reading


7 Jun

Yozzy Yozzy Yo!

So I’m walking home from school…iPod Nano in hand…earphone securely fitted in ear…listening to, I dunno…can’t remember now, probably PJ Morton or Lisa McClendon…I get to around half way between my house and my school, opposite to the construction site presently occupied by the hustle and boisterous bustle of builders, it’s like 6.30/7pm now though, so there’s not many people around, as I’m walking I hear them shouting something that leaves a hovering echo under the music…I thought I heard it, but couldn’t process it…I took out my ear phone and heard it again.

I stopped dead in my tracks. I look in front and behind trying to search for anyone that would lead me to conclude that they were definitely talking to someone else…there is not a soul to be found.

I made sure I heard it right…I did…they really did say that… Continue reading

After Oraclez.

31 May

Time: 22.19pm

Action: To stop myself from crying

Intention: To write.

I’ve been sitting here crying for the last 2 hours or so, and I’ve been trying to figure out why…I’d just gotten back from Oraclez in Wembley Arena, and although my set went well, and people really loved it, I didn’t like it very much.

I really stuck out like a sore darn thumb in that line up, and I was trying to figure out why.  Is it because I’m a poet? Maybe…is it because I speak and perform in my own accent? Perhaps…is it because I’m young? Is it because I’m the only person on the line up without “weavalicious” hair? Ya never know. All I know…is that I stuck out. Continue reading

Oraclez Today!

31 May

Hey Guys!!

This afternoon I will be supporting Fred Hammond, Canton Jones, Faith Evans, and a few other inspiring artists…I’m up early because sound check is early 🙂

I’m gonna try and do some video stuff so you can see us on the road and all of that jazz. Just waiting for my team to arrive and off we go.  Should be a great day, and I know loads of you are coming to support so I won’t feel too much like a fish out of water. I’m the only poet on the line up, and probably the only generally ‘odd’ person so encourage me! LOL I’ll probably make a twat out of myself at some point during the day so keep ’em peeled lol. Continue reading


30 May

Hey Hey Wooooooohoooo Wha Gwannnnin BLEDDD??!!!!

Hoooo my gash!
Frig my days!!
Jimney Crickets and Gordon Bennet too!

Do you like my new web page? I love it a lot….hang tite Christophe Pierre (who has gradually become like a big brother to me after numerous failed attempts at begging him to be my manager) of DESIGNBYSPIRIT who made the site!

So here…you can read my diaries, listen to my music, watch some of my videos, hear about my gigs, buy the album, see my twitter updates view some pictures …what more do you want, ‘coz there ain’t much more ya can get! Continue reading

Michaela The Poet Supports Ms Dynamite, Eska & Speech Debelle

29 May

Hey Guys,

First of all I want all your sympathy…I have MAN-FLU. It’s really bad…my voice is sore 😦 , it’s kinda like my vocals chords have turned around, covered themselves with a duvet, and gone to sleep. I sound like I’m literally 100% talking out of my nose. I call it MAN-FLU because I feel extremely sorry for myself and currently believe I am the only person in the world with a cold this bad (that’s all that distinct man flu from the common cold) Continue reading


28 May

I just had to let that out.

I can’t stand bad planning, I can’t stand it when others organise themselves so badly that it leaves the rest of the world in a pickle. Like the frigging twin towers, invading Iraq, putting frigging David Cameron in charge of this whole country.

It leaves the majority of people messed up.

It’s happening to me right now, people are failing to think efficiently, and due to their lack of brain power I am left thinking ‘frig my days what do i do now?’ Continue reading

A Few Pics From ‘FIXING BARBIE LIVE 99p’!!!

17 Feb

Pictures Courtesy of Priscilla Content Photography!!

Continue reading

PICS from My ALBUM LAUNCH!! Aug 29th 09!!

17 Feb

All Pictures Courtesy of Priscilla Content Photography

Continue reading

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