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Michaela Performs in Rotterdam (Recap)/UPDATES!

20 Dec

So I’m back from Rotterdam!  As many of you know I had a weekend full of gigs and giddiness over there at the beginning of this month and here is a tiny little recap! Do you know what is good but terrible? Snow is. My flight got delayed, then cancelled (then cancelled, then delayed)  so I basically missed most of them, but MADE ONE THAT WAS AMAZING. Continue reading


Bent and Broken Preview

23 Oct

Hey Guys,

For those of you who made it to my Thank You Jam, this might be familiar to you! You might even see yourself on camera! Thank you so much for your feedback family, God bless you; it’s really encouraging. Anyway, it’s me singing Bent and Broken; I wrote this one saturday night; 2 weeks before that night actually, and I just had to make sure I sung it on the day- it was a jam so it didn’t matter if I messed up, yes! It’s my first performance of this song! Please watch, enjoy, and share 🙂 (song kicks in at 1:15) Continue reading


20 Aug

I will protect you and keep the garlic and onions from your door.

All you gotta do is turn up to my thank you jam…who refuses a good present? NO ONE! Ohhhhhh yes!!!!! oh NO.

No no NO! I don’t love you…ohhhhh garsh…YES I can’t help it…like Bacon drizzling in oil fresh off the grill..

I do I say I do!

FIXING BARBIE..breaking down the Broken Doll thing.

4 Aug

You homie…thanks babes.

9 Jul

Apologies for any randomness…I’m honestly NOT used to talking in front of camera’s dudes. And why on earth youtube wiped out the .com at the end of http://www.michaelathepoet is beyond my lifings. Nevertheless be indulged

Much Love,
Hold tite you cupcake!



31 May

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Next top model (REMIX)

5 Apr

Vodpod videos no longer available.



5 Mar


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