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Meet Alice.

26 Dec

Hey Guys!

Been wanting to tell you about this piece of theatre for a while…I really think you should come. I’m definitely going and it’s PAY WHAT YOU CAN so you’ve got nothing to loose really.

Marene Miller has created a weird and wonderful experience…



A Site-Specific Piece of One by One Theatre on a canal boat called Alice

One by One is this alternative style of theatre whereby YOU are the ONLY audience member (so it’s “one by one”), the next audience member goes in after you and has a different experience…or the same experience depends on the “show”.

As for Alice…

You will be given a key one at a time and invited to step inside a creaky old canal boat. This is a tailor-made performance for each individual audience member.


10 – 15 January | 8 – 10 pm
Sunday 15 | 5 – 8 pm
You MUST reserve by emailing Alice@meetalice.co.uk with your preferred date.

There are Limited Places and some days are already completely sold out!

Let Alice take you on a journey without setting sail.

Wrap up Warm
It’s All About You

Please note that this is a Pay What You Can Event. Though they won’t ask for your money, there will be a hat for you to place your donations in.

Guess I’ll see you after!

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